What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this is little more than a garden-variety teen romance flick filled with misdirected love interests, catty female rivals, bikini-clad beachcombers, and one super-nice guy who's always passed over by girls for flashier models. Its predictable plot, sensual overtones, and one-dimensional characters will have parents groaning, and the weak female characters -- who spend most of their time falling over themselves to win the affection of a self-absorbed pop star -- may make them pause before giving the thumbs-up to impressionable tweens.
  • Families can talk about dating and romance. How do you know when a relationship is more than just friendship? Is it important to be friends first before dating? Why? Why are people attracted to each other? Parents with teens who have started dating can ask them which characteristics are important to them in a boyfriend/girlfriend. Is their ideal affected by the media/society's definition of what's attractive and desirable?
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