By mjcook1
Written May 11, 2009
This has to be on of the worst films I have ever seen. The acting, the dancing (aside from Benji) was by far not worth the $7.00 someone else paid for my ticket. DONT DO IT! I just read the other reviews and I cant believe all these people liked this movie. I am a professional dancer and for people to say "the dancing was great" and "would make you want to learn to dance" was quite the opposite for myself and the other dancers who had to sit thru this with me!!!
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Love N' Dancing

By travelergo
Written May 21, 2009
A real feel good movie with terrific dancing and soundtrack. A light, sweet story that everyone can enjoy. Makes me want to sign up for dance lessons. Wish there were more movies like this.Loved Amy Smart and Billy Zane.
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Love n Dancing

By MovingIllusions
Written May 30, 2009
An important movie with excellent dancing provided by some of the finest, most accomplished and recognized West Coast Swing professionals in the country and excellent choreography. Definitely a must see for those interested in the art of dance and the new dance craze sweeping the country. Touted as "artistic license", photographing and editing to show flashes of arms, lega, and heads, while adding some degree of excitement, ala "Dancing with the Stars", diminishes the continuity of the dance sequences. Following Fred Asraire's insistence on one continuous full body filming of the dances would have better served the beauty and enjoyment of these sequences. Annoying, gratuitous, ****-stupidic characters and a sophmotic attempt at humor added nothing and contributed to the discontinuity of an otherwise exceptional and important dance film. Overlooking the negitive aspects, this is a significant dance film. Definitely a go see. Enjoy!
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A Missed Opportunity

By esmc
Written May 23, 2009
A great disservice to the West Coast dance community. Who wants to learn a dance that attracts wierdos and highwire acts. As a West Coast dancer I was insulted by this movie. two thumbs down !
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Great dancing

By keytonka
Written May 13, 2009
I love West Coast Swing. This film had the best of the best. I wish the acting was up to the dancing.
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