Lovely Molly Synopsis
A supernatural presence menaces a newlywed couple after they move into the wife's childhood home.
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New York Post

Gore is always with us, but when it comes to horror, there's nothing like a haunted house. And Lovely Molly has a humdinger.
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The A.V. Club

Lovely Molly is a portrait of either spiraling madness or a haunting, and it deftly handles the slow erosion of its title character's...
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The New York Times

By Jeannette Catsoulis
Generating suspense without blowing the special-effects budget, Mr. Sanchez paints an intimate portrait of a tormented personality. Though...
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Total Film

Impressive, if messy, the film combines kitchen-sink drama with found-footage horror, perjuring itself with too many plot possibilities.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Lovely Molly is determined to remain ambiguous, but the title says it all. Good-Lookin' Joanie just wouldn't have the same ominous ring to...
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Time Out New York

By Joshua Rothkopf
Judging from Sánchez's Lovely Molly, he'd like to get lost in the trees again, but now knows the path too well.
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Slant Magazine

By Ed Gonzalez
The film's inconsistent, largely bankrupt style is second to how hard and tackily it leans on the horror of child abuse to goose audiences.
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Los Angeles Times

Common sense and basic logic are left at the door; there's a brief creature effect that is laughably, outlandishly awful.
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Village Voice

By Nick Pinkerton
It can't sustain interest in the endless unraveling of Molly's psyche, which, as handled by Sánchez, has all the interest of watching an...
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By john_d_impetus
Holy crap, this movie scared me. I had a hard time sleeping since watching it. Definitely go if it is playing at a theater near you, but be forewarned, bring a significant other to scream with....

Lovely Molly

By bvona
This is an awesome film. The lead actresses are so good. All the other actors are totally believable. Excellent acting throughout. Molly's downward spiral surprises each step of the way....

Chilling! Horor for the mind!

By DonValle
Lovely Molly is indeed a terrifying exploration into one woman's decent into madness. Is she possessed? Is she going insane? Or could it be both? People will be talking about this film for weeks to...

Lovely Molly

By garyneff1
It scared me a bit in the theatre and really freaked my out a day later when I started to understand it better. Must see....


By Illuzionary
After reading other reviews I'm convinced I must have been watching a totally different movie. The movie was not scary as there was nothing scary shown. A lady stabbing a deer isn't scary nor is a...

By Minajerz911
Not scary at all. You might think it is scary by the trailer. Wasted my time watching this :(...

Lovely Molly

By bekahluv24
Honestly, there is nothing scary about this movie. It's exactly the same as Paranormal Activity. With the shaky camera, unless you want a headache for and hour and a half, don't see this movie. There...

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Rated R | For Some Graphic Sexual Content, Drug Use, Nudity, Grisly Images and Strong Disturbing Violence