LoveLace (XXX--) 3/5 Stars

By monicasmith749
Written September 27, 2016
I understand the film, most Gen-X'ers may not. Like is a strong word?!? Tthe acting was Superior! Not for Kids under 17? (in todays age: 13)! The plot was detailed well. I'm a feminist, so I get it. Dark and Powerful "Ordeal"...The Indy Movie that Could :-)
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By thedoctor777
Written December 10, 2016
Amanda Seyfried gives an outstanding performance for all to enjoy. She is riveting and brings the pain of Linda Lovelace to the screen. You know the storyline already so no need to explain that. The quality of the film was poor to me. I don't know if that was the purpose (to be like a movie that was from the 60's & 70's). However, if it were not for Amanda's wonderful acting I would have given this film a NO. Even though there is nudity. it is not graphic nor done in xxx style, that's why the R rating and not NC-17.
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Acting was great... Story was so sad

By Loulu16
Written February 23, 2017
The acting and the portrail of Linda are well done and the movie itself is tasteful based on the topic. However, if you do not know the story, it is very sad...
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By Royelen
Written May 29, 2017
Although all the stars walking through is a bit distracting, it's a chilling story of how a woman's life is nearly ruined by an industry out to make a fortune on her. The acting is unexpected from a number of fronts and the porn is not sensationalized. I highly recommend it.
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Nothing's gonna change the blasse summer movies so far!

By fijinz-all
Written August 15, 2013
We came away with only 1 conclusion, that it's good to know the life of Lovelace. The movie has not much else to offer. It pretty much portrayed her as a simpleton kind of a gal, got taken advantage of by his boy friend, and taken advantage of by some sleazy people, who made millions (the biggest grossing porno movie ever?!), and she made like a couple of thousand bucks. In the end, however, she landed on a decent man, and lived happily ever after. Cinderella Lovelace perhaps should have been the title. But then it'd probably roused the ire of many a good-valued (at least they think they are) people. Otherwise, not much else. Lovelace was not a beauty queen, and we didn't see any nice-looking porn star. Seyfreid has a pretty good figure though, if that matters. Still, it's a so-so movie at best.
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