Love is Strange Synopsis
A Catholic school where George teaches, does not approve of the marriage to his partner, thus firing him. The couple is forced to split up.
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love is strange

By taupe9000
very interesting story--excellent filming ---very good acting ---great music---the story keeps losing its focus ---the side stories are interesting but too important---so many side stories take away...

Love is Strange

the movie was very heart warming and sweet! and the end was a bit of a surprise! I would have liked a happier ending, but overall I liked it alot!...

By abe4gs

A Strange Pitiful Movie...

By vjmandarine
A sad little movie that goes nowhere. Marginalized gay characters that seem more like victims of circumstance and poor planning.. The story spirals downward after the first 5 minutes. Since there...

Good acting, bad story

By United87
John and Alfred's acting was great but the stories left unanswered questions, this could have been a great movie...


The cast is strong but the story a little weak. The editing was awful Far too many unnecessarily long scenes where literally nothing happened. and yet there appeared to be parts of the movie missing,...

Full Price

By joecorso35
The Story was Good but The Review's we're abit Overrated but The Performances from Lithgow and Molina are Oscar Worthy plus with The Subject Manner in The Film should of Received a pg-13 Rating....

Love is Strange

By sjz
The title say's it all as the movie was strange and dissapointing. The movie was very slow however the music was good along with the acting....

A Slice of Life

By Pescatarian
The movie is a little subtle but the acting was impeccable. I'm not usually into romantic movies but this was a must see with the cast that they chose. The only two problems I saw were that they...

Great Movie -- But Proceed with Caution

By Arturzinho
The movie has extraordinary talents bringing their best to the screen. Performances one will never forget for the depth of character. A tight, clear, and plausible story. And production values that...

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Rated R | For Language
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Common Sense Media says Heartfelt drama about love, real estate has some swearing.
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