By greengirl
Written November 12, 2007
just saw at the closing night of the AFI fest last night. Gorgeous adaptation of the incredible novel. Never knew that Columbia was so beautiful - now I want to visit! Javier Bardem was incredible. This movie is definitely big-screen worthy. And, it stayed faithful to the book, which made me really happy.
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Great Love Story!!

By Aretita
Written November 15, 2007
This movie is great just exactly like the book novel !! Moving, romantic and dramatic it will keep you excited until the end!!! LOVED IT!!!
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i luv Gabriel Garcia Marquez

By LuFerBodden
Written November 10, 2007
so good
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Best love story

By always right
Written December 07, 2007
Who ever rated this a "oh no" has no appreciation for fine movies. They probably gave knocked up a better rating. I read the book and lived in Colombia, this is a very accurate movie about life in Colombia in the early parts of the 20th century. The story may not be appreciated without some understanding of the culture and life in those times. The father was the final decision maker and unless father approved it was not done. I would not recommend this film for the younger or immature crowd.
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LOVED this epic ode to an epic love story

By teenyk
Written November 17, 2007
I went to see this movie this afternoon despite the critics reviews I've read. It is one of my fave books of all time and the movie was so beautiful - really showed the languid, sensual side of latin america that I longed to see on the screen. I am baffled by the critics who panned this movie. Did they not go in realizing that this movie is a PERIOD EPIC ROMANCE? Maybe because I went in with lower expectations (which I always try to do with book adaptations), but I thought Newell delivered - the score was breathtaking, the cinematography literally took my breath away (the part where they are riding over the mountains of Colombia while Shakira sings in the background - muy bonita!), Javier was such a perfect Florentino - just as I had imagined him. I really hope that people are not turned off from the critics on this one. I think once real people (who believe in love and romance) start seeing this movie that the word of mouth with help give this movie the kudos that it deserves.
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