LOVE HAPPENS - is a happening movie! Grade: B-PLUS (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written September 21, 2009
Tuesday 9/15 This 109-min PG-13 ROMANTIC DRAMA was competently directed/co-screenwritten by Brandon Camp in his successful directorial debut. Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart had excellent on-screen chemistry - and both turned in VERY GOOD performances. Jennifer Aniston proved once again that she is definitely more than capable tackling big-screen roles - there is life after FRIENDS! Aaron Eckhart continues to exhibit versatility in his roles and acting abilities. The story-line was well-told in this high-quality production despite the predictable plot. Still, this is a feel-good movie that has many positive messages - most especially about coming to terms with loss/pain/grieve and moving on. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this compelling movie to fans of romance and drama genres. Also, LOVE HAPPENS is a WONDERFUL date movie! To those who complained about this movie not being a comedy, LOVE HAPPENS is a ROMANTIC DRAMA and was NEVER meant to be a comedy!
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Love Happens

By Gramastew55
Written October 04, 2009
For anyone who likes movies without immorality, without nudity, without disgusting language and situations, you'll love this movie! A feel-good, honest, fun movie about life, loss, love and relationships. It was wonderful!!
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Saw a free screening today - worst movie ever!!

By bayarea_moviegoer
Written September 16, 2009
I went into the movie thinking ok, it's Jennifer Aniston, it should be a cute little romantic comedy. WRONG!!!! It was a horribly drawn out, depressing, dull, awful movie. I really wanted to walk out I was so bored. Just when you think it could not get worse, it gets more boring and predictable. it is definitely not a romantic comedy - it is a complete waste of time. My opinion was shared by many - on the way out of the theater I heard people behind me saying "Oh, that was a stupid movie!!". I wish I had my 1.5 hours back...
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Not what I was hoping for....

By sloch
Written September 16, 2009
I am new to Fandango and was really hoping my first movie review would be a good one. Sorry folks, not this one. I went in looking for a fun, romantic little comedy and was highly disappointed. I actually walked out after the first half hour. The only highlight was getting to see Jennifer Aniston in person and she was stunning! From the half hour I did see, it was dull, depressing and slow, very slow. Jennifer did get a couple of laughs out of me, but really, I found the movie to be a complete waste of my time and quite boring.
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A Romantic Comedy with a Serious Side

By proudebel
Written October 07, 2009
The two lead actors, Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston are easy on the eye, yes; but who would have thought they could really act!?! Both have stretched past their usual "boy meets girl" roles to tackle a serious subject - grieving the loss of a loved one. John Carroll Lynch gives a convincing performance as a man who loses his son in an accident and then loses everything else because he is unable to deal with his grief. Martin Sheen also gives a small role his very best. "Love Happens" is a smart, well-acted movie that takes the viewer emotionally deeper than the average romantic comedy.
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