Love and Other Drugs Synopsis
A pharmaceutical salesman begins a relationship with a woman who has Parkinson's disease.
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What a shame.

By keatsgirl
The shame comes in a story that could have had heart and been informative. But the decision to make it so blatantly pornographic took credence away. Watching both leads,towards the end,you could see...

Porn ruining an ok movie

Story wasn't really sure what it wanted to be. If there wasn't so much put into the nudity and sexual situations,raunch etc. , it could have been a touching,if predictable story....

Tasteless, Unclassy, far from the previews!

By KLPhair
Sadly enough i do movie reviews and other things and hate reviews that are usually negative. This is one of those rae occassions where yes, this movie was the complete opposite of the way it was...

They sneak the message in on you very well

By nichirensman
What can I say? I'm a man and I love Anne Hathaway and quite a few other beautiful and talented actresses in Holloywood. New movie? Anne Hathaway nude? Great, let's go! Well, I was in for a...

shake what cha mama gave ya

By Sydia311
Ive never seen Anne in this light in a movie. It was way too much nudity and the sluttish didn't mix well with the sorry ending....

Deeper than it looks

By VegasBluebird
First the obvious fact - the 2 leads spend a lot of time naked, and they are both quite appealing to look at, so that's certainly a plus. The story is as much about Parkinson's disease (and the...

Very graphic, but the most real love story I've seen in a while.

I actually really liked this movie, and I was wary about going to see it because of the reviews saying it was "raunchy". I thought it was done tastefully considering the storyline. HOWEVER the sex...

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By mahmamasaid
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By brooksienl
The previews for this movie made it seem like it would be funny, like a romantic comedy. However, this movie was sad and depressing. The only funny parts were the few you saw in the previews. The...


By Volleyballrox12
You may aswell have watched a porn when seeing this movie. Every ten minuets maybe? There was an uncomfortable sex scene, though the actors are goodlooking it got very annoying after a while....

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Rated R | For Strong sexual content, nudity, pervasive language and some drug material
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Common Sense Media says Sex, drugs, and disease clash in racy, uneven romcom.
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