can't wait

By shrouqkaram498
Written December 05, 2013
I always wanted to see this movie in a big screen. must go
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LOVE ACTUALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By 0o-katiewatie-o0
Written June 26, 2007
This movie is soooooooooooooo good! Its my favourite movie of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"Love Actually" is the single most overrated rom-com.

By Dominic LeRose
Written September 12, 2014
Pretty much every British actor is in the most overrated and highly praised romantic comedy in the last decade. "Love Actually" has its heart in the right place but never executes a funny or heartwarming scene. This film lacks everything in terms of comedy and originality. This film goes the easy route and follows a bunch of different couples in London that never really interact or crash into each other near Christmas. There's unrequited love, loneliness, child love, adultery, and more in this love packed disaster. Liam Neeson plays Daniel, a lonely dad who has to take care of his son Sam after his wife death. Sam is in love with a girl at school. Bill Nighy plays Billy Mack, a singer who sings about love songs and is intimate with women. Jamie (Colin Firth) is a stressed writer who travels to France and falls in love with someone who doesn't even speak English. Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman play a married couple who have one of them cheating in the marriage, while the irritating Keira Knightly plays a recently married woman who's husbands best man Mark (Andrew Lincoln) is in love with her. There are few more stories, one involving Laura Linney as a single woman in love with her employee and the other with Hugh Grant as a businessman with love troubles. Every story is more sappy or irritating than the next. Not one story ends in a realistic ways or is even inspiring. They all end ridiculously and predictably. This is also one of the most sexual films of all time. The sex is a little uncomfortable and doesn't fit right with the failed tender-hardheartedness that was attempted. This lovey mess could have been sweet, but it never ends and gets more useless and vulgar as it goes on. One of the worst romantic comedies you'll ever see and an absolute unbalanced mess.
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By danettecruse
Written January 15, 2015
Love this movie!! I watch it every Christmas season!
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By primeausara
Written December 16, 2015
One of my favorite all time movies, awesome to see it on the big screen again.
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