Love Aaj Kal Synopsis
A London couple decides to leave their love up to fate when things start to change in their relationship.
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By Akamu_Ra
I don't speak hindi or know much about that culture but I really enjoyed this film. It was a bit corny but what do you expect from a film called "Love as it is"? It was bright and colorful and...

Good movie by Imtihaz

By sacgan
This is good movie by Imtihaz ali and Saif ali khan.. The movie is doing good in first part but story is too strech in second part. The flashback of rishi kapoors love life si too good. The new...

Love Aaj Kal - Good

By vishalshetti
It was a good movie. Loved watching it with family....


By weesat19
Though the movie has its fair set of flaws, it is still quite watchable. A decent movie considering the ones released in the past few months....

Good plot bad screenplay

By pranavmd
I thought the movie had too many songs and all of them were too long. Hope this helps!!...

Cute film (Grade A chick-flick)

By axm335
The premise of this film is stupid, but if you can get past that, it's a very cute movie. Great chick-flick if you're in the mood for a romantic comedy. One of the better offerings out of Bollywood...

not so aaj kal

By Maharaj
a good mockery of marriage.....


By reks
superb movie superb performances..worth watching...

Amazing movie!!

By Anshoo
Its a very nice movie...for sure can go with a whole family!! Saif look Hot!!I i am glad to see an Indian movie plalying in American Theaters.. i hope they keep t his up..coz i am for sure going...

Good Movie!

By rohit_rathee
Its a good movie after few months.Cocept is new and frsh....

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