What a shame.

By keatsgirl
Written November 26, 2010
The shame comes in a story that could have had heart and been informative. But the decision to make it so blatantly pornographic took credence away. Watching both leads,towards the end,you could see more talent...but when they just rely on nudity and sex,quality is lessened. Not coming from a 'prude',or uptight chick-just from one half of a fun and sexy couple who know right and wrong. Pornography is a disease in this country,and Hollywood pushing the envelope in what is acceptable for public audiences has contributed mightily. Please consider this honestly.
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Porn ruining an ok movie

Written November 25, 2010
Story wasn't really sure what it wanted to be. If there wasn't so much put into the nudity and sexual situations,raunch etc. , it could have been a touching,if predictable story.
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Tasteless, Unclassy, far from the previews!

By KLPhair
Written November 25, 2010
Sadly enough i do movie reviews and other things and hate reviews that are usually negative. This is one of those rae occassions where yes, this movie was the complete opposite of the way it was advertised. It seemed every 15 to 20 minutes there was a sex scene and the final one that i walked out on was them emphasizin the orgasim with Anne Hathaways charachter shaking uncontrolably. Seriously, this movie was just about sex and making money with the main emphasis not being alove story, but how it is ok to be a booty call with no strings attached or committment. If you want to be hugely disappointed and pay for drink popcorn and candy for something that will leave you sick to your stomach for having such great talent go to waste on a tasteless script, then go ahead and see it.
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They sneak the message in on you very well

By nichirensman
Written November 25, 2010
What can I say? I'm a man and I love Anne Hathaway and quite a few other beautiful and talented actresses in Holloywood. New movie? Anne Hathaway nude? Great, let's go! Well, I was in for a beautiful, life affecting surprise. That all being said, there are a few uncomfortable subjects in this movie not the least of which, is nudity and sexuality. Be clear this movie is about adults, for adults, at least those that are not prudish. The bigger themes here beside one of the best love stories since Jerry McGuire, are, the intimate functioning and frightening power of the pharmaceutical drug companies. What a picture it paints and graphically in more ways than one. Lastly, the story of a young woman with Parkinson's disease and the psychology,culture, and stigma and pain associated with this disease. Go see the movie if you can handle it, it is very frank and oh so beautiful in so many ways.
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shake what cha mama gave ya

By Sydia311
Written November 12, 2010
Ive never seen Anne in this light in a movie. It was way too much nudity and the sluttish didn't mix well with the sorry ending.
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