Louise Dresser
Date of Birth
Oct 05, 1878
Birth Place:
Evansville, IN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1937 George Magrill Maid of Salem
1937 Donald Meek Maid of Salem
1937 Fred MacMurray Maid of Salem
1937 Henry Kolker Maid of Salem
1937 John Farrell MacDonald Maid of Salem
1937 Gale Sondergaard Maid of Salem
1937 Colin Tapley Maid of Salem
1937 Walter Soderling Maid of Salem
1937 Anne O'Neal Maid of Salem
1937 Jack Richardson Maid of Salem
1937 Edward Ellis Maid of Salem
1937 William Farnum Maid of Salem
1937 Claudette Colbert Maid of Salem
1937 Beulah Bondi Maid of Salem
1937 E.E. Clive Maid of Salem
1937 Colin Kenny Maid of Salem
1937 Clarence Kolb Maid of Salem
1937 Bonita Granville Maid of Salem
1937 Stanley Fields Maid of Salem
1937 Sterling Holloway Maid of Salem
1935 Charles B. Middleton The County Chairman
1935 Frank Melton The County Chairman
1935 Berton Churchill The County Chairman
1935 Stepin Fetchit The County Chairman
1935 Evelyn Venable The County Chairman
1935 Kent Taylor The County Chairman
1935 Will Rogers The County Chairman
1935 Mickey Rooney The County Chairman
1934 Stepin Fetchit David Harum
1934 Noah Beery, Sr. David Harum
1934 Jane Darwell David Harum
1934 Evelyn Venable David Harum
1934 Frank Melton David Harum
1934 Will Rogers David Harum
1934 Charles B. Middleton David Harum
1934 Kent Taylor David Harum
1934 Helen Jerome Eddy A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 Henry B. Walthall A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 Ralph Morgan A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 Betty Blythe A Girl of the Limberlost
1934 C. Aubrey Smith The Scarlet Empress
1934 Davison Clark The Scarlet Empress
1934 Jane Darwell The Scarlet Empress
1934 Marlene Dietrich The Scarlet Empress
1934 Edward Van Sloan The Scarlet Empress
1934 Sam Jaffe The Scarlet Empress
1934 Josephine Whittell Servants' Entrance
1934 Greta Meyer Servants' Entrance
1934 John Qualen Servants' Entrance
1934 Lew Ayres Servants' Entrance
1934 Ann Doran Servants' Entrance
1934 Janet Gaynor Servants' Entrance
1934 Walter Connolly Servants' Entrance
1934 Ned Sparks Servants' Entrance
1934 Sig Rumann Servants' Entrance
1934 Reginald Denny The World Moves On
1934 Madeleine Carroll The World Moves On
1934 Franchot Tone The World Moves On
1934 George Irving The World Moves On
1934 Sig Rumann The World Moves On
1934 Frank Melton The World Moves On
1934 Stepin Fetchit The World Moves On
1934 Dudley Digges The World Moves On
1933 Dickie Moore Cradle Song
1933 Gail Patrick Cradle Song
1933 Mischa Auer Cradle Song
1933 Bonita Granville Cradle Song
1933 Evelyn Venable Cradle Song
1933 Kent Taylor Cradle Song
1933 Ralph Morgan Doctor Bull
1933 Robert Parrish Doctor Bull
1933 Rochelle Hudson Doctor Bull
1933 Charles B. Middleton Doctor Bull
1933 Andy Devine Doctor Bull
1933 Berton Churchill Doctor Bull
1933 Will Rogers Doctor Bull
1933 Elizabeth Patterson Doctor Bull
1933 Mary Brian Song of the Eagle
1933 Richard Arlen Song of the Eagle
1933 Charles Bickford Song of the Eagle
1933 Andy Devine Song of the Eagle
1933 Gene Morgan Song of the Eagle
1933 George E. Stone Song of the Eagle
1933 Jean Hersholt Song of the Eagle
1933 Frank Craven State Fair
1933 Lew Ayres State Fair
1933 Will Rogers State Fair
1933 Sally Eilers State Fair
1933 Doro Merande State Fair
1933 Frank Melton State Fair
1933 Victor Jory State Fair
1933 Ruth Warren State Fair
1933 Janet Gaynor State Fair
1932 Franklin Pangborn Stepping Sisters
1932 Ferdinand Munier Stepping Sisters
1931 Richard Arlen Caught
1931 Frances Dee Caught
1931 Guy Oliver Caught
1931 Edward J. Le Saint Caught
1930 Will Rogers Lightnin'
1930 Joel McCrea Lightnin'
1930 Ruth Warren Lightnin'
1930 Phil Tead Lightnin'
1930 Bess Flowers Lightnin'
1930 Tully Marshall Mammy
1930 Lowell Sherman Mammy
1930 Al Jolson Mammy
1930 Noah Beery, Sr. Mammy
1930 Hobart Bosworth Mammy
1930 Stanley Fields Mammy
1930 Basil Rathbone This Mad World
1930 Louis Natheaux This Mad World
1930 Kay Johnson This Mad World
1930 June Collyer The Three Sisters
1930 Herman Bing The Three Sisters
1930 John St. Polis The Three Sisters
1930 Cliff Saum The Three Sisters
1929 Dolores Costello The Madonna of Avenue A
1929 Allan Lane Not Quite Decent
1929 June Collyer Not Quite Decent
1928 Arthur Lake The Air Circus
1928 Lowell Sherman Garden of Eden
1928 Charles Ray Garden of Eden
1928 Anne Shirley Mother Knows Best
1928 Lucien Littlefield Mother Knows Best
1928 Madge Bellamy Mother Knows Best
1928 Stuart Erwin Mother Knows Best
1928 Fritz Feld A Ship Comes In
1928 Lucien Littlefield A Ship Comes In
1927 Lon Chaney Mr. Wu
1927 Anna May Wong Mr. Wu
1926 Jack Holt The Blind Goddess
1926 Esther Ralston The Blind Goddess
1926 Ernest Torrence The Blind Goddess
1926 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Broken Hearts of Hollywood
1926 Patsy Ruth Miller Broken Hearts of Hollywood
1926 Ford Sterling Everybody's Acting
1926 Betty Bronson Everybody's Acting
1926 Henry B. Walthall Everybody's Acting
1926 Rod La Rocque Gigolo
1926 Jobyna Ralston Gigolo
1926 Florence Turner Padlocked
1926 Noah Beery, Sr. Padlocked
1926 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Padlocked
1926 Helen Jerome Eddy Padlocked
1926 Richard Arlen Padlocked
1926 Dolores Costello The Third Degree
1926 Tom Santschi The Third Degree
1925 Gary Cooper The Eagle
1925 Gustav von Seyffertitz The Eagle
1925 Rudolph Valentino The Eagle
1925 Mary Astor Enticement
1925 Clive Brook Enticement
1925 Constance Bennett The Goose Woman
1925 Jack Pickford The Goose Woman
1925 Gustav von Seyffertitz The Goose Woman
1925 Betty Blythe Percy
1925 Charles Ray Percy
1925 Victor McLaglen Percy
1924 Phillips Smalley Cheap Kisses
1924 Jean Hersholt Cheap Kisses
1924 Kathlyn Williams City That Never Sleeps
1924 Ricardo Cortez City That Never Sleeps
1924 Ricardo Cortez Next Corner
1924 Lon Chaney Next Corner
1924 Dorothy Mackaill Next Corner
1924 Dorothy Mackaill What Shall I Do?
1923 Louise Fazenda The Fog
1923 David Butler The Fog
1923 Gloria Swanson Prodigal Daughters
1923 Theodore Roberts Prodigal Daughters
1923 Ralph Graves Prodigal Daughters
1923 Ernest Torrence Ruggles of Red Gap
1923 Edward Everett Horton Ruggles of Red Gap
1923 Lois Wilson Ruggles of Red Gap
1923 Guy Oliver Ruggles of Red Gap
1923 Jacqueline Logan Salomy Jane
1923 Edward Everett Horton To the Ladies
1923 Mary Astor To the Ladies
1923 Theodore Roberts To the Ladies
1923 Helen Jerome Eddy To the Ladies
1923 Mary Astor Woman-Proof
1923 Thomas Meighan Woman-Proof
1923 Lila Lee Woman-Proof
1923 Charles Sellon Woman-Proof
1923 George O'Brien Woman-Proof
1923 John St. Polis Woman-Proof
1922 Milton Sills Burning Sands
1922 Jacqueline Logan Burning Sands
1922 Wanda Hawley Burning Sands
1922 Clara Kimball Young Enter Madame
1922 Elliott Dexter Enter Madame
1922 Pauline Frederick Glory of Clementina
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