Louise Currie
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1921
Birth Place:
Oklahoma City, OK

Worked With

Year Name Title
1951 Leonard Nimoy Queen for a Day
1951 Jeanne Cagney Queen for a Day
1949 Melville Cooper And Baby Makes Three
1949 Billie Burke And Baby Makes Three
1949 Grandon Rhodes And Baby Makes Three
1949 Janis Carter And Baby Makes Three
1949 Robert Young And Baby Makes Three
1949 Lloyd Corrigan And Baby Makes Three
1949 Joe Sawyer And Baby Makes Three
1947 Douglas Fowley Backlash
1947 Robert Shayne Backlash
1947 Jean Rogers Backlash
1947 Mantan Moreland The Chinese Ring
1947 Warren Douglas The Chinese Ring
1947 Roland Winters The Chinese Ring
1947 Kent Taylor The Crimson Key
1947 Ann Doran The Crimson Key
1947 Arthur Space The Crimson Key
1947 Dennis Hoey The Crimson Key
1947 Milton Parsons The Crimson Key
1947 Archie Twitchell Second Chance
1947 Dennis Hoey Second Chance
1947 Betty Compson Second Chance
1947 Ann Doran Second Chance
1947 Kent Taylor Second Chance
1947 Charles King Three on a Ticket
1947 Douglas Fowley Three on a Ticket
1947 Hugh Beaumont Three on a Ticket
1946 Kirby Grant Gun Town
1946 Merrill McCormack Gun Town
1946 Lyle Talbot Gun Town
1946 Fuzzy Knight Gun Town
1946 George Morrell Gun Town
1946 Dan White Gun Town
1946 Lee Roberts Wild West
1946 Lash LaRue Wild West
1946 Buzz Henry Wild West
1946 Roscoe Ates Wild West
1945 Cecil Kellaway Love Letters
1945 Jennifer Jones Love Letters
1945 Gladys Cooper Love Letters
1945 Joseph Cotten Love Letters
1945 Ian Wolfe Love Letters
1945 Gig Young Love Letters
1945 Reginald Denny Love Letters
1945 Mary Field Love Letters
1945 Ottola Nesmith Love Letters
1945 Anita Louise Love Letters
1945 Ruth Lee Sensation Hunters
1945 Dennis O'Keefe Sensation Hunters
1945 Lyle Talbot Sensation Hunters
1945 Grandon Rhodes Sensation Hunters
1945 C. Aubrey Smith Sensation Hunters
1945 Minerva Urecal Sensation Hunters
1945 Eddie Quillan Sensation Hunters
1945 Stanley Andrews Sensation Hunters
1945 Cab Calloway Sensation Hunters
1945 Isabel Jewell Sensation Hunters
1945 Eugene Pallette Sensation Hunters
1944 Andy Clyde Forty Thieves
1944 Douglas Dumbrille Forty Thieves
1944 Herbert Rawlinson Forty Thieves
1944 Jack Rockwell Forty Thieves
1944 Glenn Strange Forty Thieves
1944 Huntz Hall Million Dollar Kid
1944 Leo Gorcey Million Dollar Kid
1944 Noah Beery, Jr. Million Dollar Kid
1944 Gabriel Dell Million Dollar Kid
1944 Mary Gordon Million Dollar Kid
1944 Robert Benchley Practically Yours
1944 Jerry Wald Practically Yours
1944 Claudette Colbert Practically Yours
1944 Stanley Andrews Practically Yours
1944 Hugh Beaumont Practically Yours
1944 Ottola Nesmith Practically Yours
1944 John James Practically Yours
1944 Gil Lamb Practically Yours
1944 Isabel Randolph Practically Yours
1944 Fred MacMurray Practically Yours
1944 Gig Young Practically Yours
1944 Jane Frazee Practically Yours
1944 Dorothy Granger Practically Yours
1944 Isabel Withers Practically Yours
1944 Will Wright Practically Yours
1944 Mike Lally Practically Yours
1944 Cecil Kellaway Practically Yours
1944 Edward Earle Practically Yours
1944 Yvonne De Carlo Practically Yours
1944 Hillary Brooke Practically Yours
1944 Rosemary de Camp Practically Yours
1944 C. Aubrey Smith Sensations of 1945
1944 Grandon Rhodes Sensations of 1945
1944 Lyle Talbot Sensations of 1945
1944 Dennis O'Keefe Sensations of 1945
1944 Eleanor Powell Sensations of 1945
1944 W.C. Fields Sensations of 1945
1944 Stanley Andrews Sensations of 1945
1944 Eugene Pallette Sensations of 1945
1944 Ruth Lee Sensations of 1945
1944 Dan White Voodoo Man
1944 John Carradine Voodoo Man
1944 Bela Lugosi Voodoo Man
1944 George Zucco Voodoo Man
1943 John Farrell MacDonald The Ape Man
1943 Bela Lugosi The Ape Man
1943 Wallace Ford The Ape Man
1943 Charles Jordan The Ape Man
1943 Minerva Urecal The Ape Man
1943 Jack Mulhall The Ape Man
1943 Joan Davis Around the World
1943 Sherry Hall Around the World
1943 Mischa Auer Around the World
1943 Ginny Simms Around the World
1943 Duncan Renaldo Around the World
1943 Robert Armstrong Around the World
1943 Dale Van Sickel The Masked Marvel [Serial]
1943 William Forrest The Masked Marvel [Serial]
1943 Eddie Parker The Masked Marvel [Serial]
1942 ZaSu Pitts The Bashful Bachelor
1942 Oscar O'Shea The Bashful Bachelor
1942 Grady Sutton The Bashful Bachelor
1942 Benny Rubin The Bashful Bachelor
1942 Smiley Burnette Stardust on the Sage
1942 Lee Shumway Stardust on the Sage
1942 Merrill McCormack Stardust on the Sage
1942 Monte Montague Stardust on the Sage
1942 Frank LaRue Stardust on the Sage
1942 Betty Farrington Stardust on the Sage
1942 Frank O'Connor Stardust on the Sage
1942 Franklin Farnum Stardust on the Sage
1942 Roy Barcroft Stardust on the Sage
1942 Gene Autry Stardust on the Sage
1942 Edith Fellows Stardust on the Sage
1941 Tom Tyler The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 Frank Coghlan, Jr. The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 Stanley Price The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 William Benedict The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 Jack Mulhall The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 Reed Hadley The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 Leyland Hodgson The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 Robert Strange The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 Bryant Washburn The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Serial]
1941 Benny Rubin Citizen Kane
1941 Alan Ladd Citizen Kane
1941 Joseph Cotten Citizen Kane
1941 George Coulouris Citizen Kane
1941 Fortunio Bonanova Citizen Kane
1941 Paul Stewart Citizen Kane
1941 Orson Welles Citizen Kane
1941 Everett Sloane Citizen Kane
1941 Philip Van Zandt Citizen Kane
1941 Gus Schilling Citizen Kane
1941 Ray Collins Citizen Kane
1941 Arthur O'Connell Citizen Kane
1941 Agnes Moorehead Citizen Kane
1941 Ruth Warrick Citizen Kane
1941 Tim Holt Dude Cowboy
1941 Hank Worden Dude Cowboy
1941 John Ince Dude Cowboy
1941 Monte Montague Dude Cowboy
1941 Merrill McCormack Dude Cowboy
1941 Glenn Strange Dude Cowboy
1941 Marjorie Reynolds Dude Cowboy
1941 Sterling Holloway Look Who's Laughing
1941 Isabel Randolph Look Who's Laughing
1941 Edgar Bergen Look Who's Laughing
1941 Bill Thompson Look Who's Laughing
1941 Dummy: Charlie McCarthy Look Who's Laughing
1941 Edna Holland Look Who's Laughing
1941 Neil Hamilton Look Who's Laughing
1941 Lucille Ball Look Who's Laughing
1941 George Cleveland Look Who's Laughing
1941 Jack Rockwell The Pinto Kid
1941 Charles Starrett The Pinto Kid
1941 The Sons of the Pioneers The Pinto Kid
1940 Al St. John Billy the Kid in Texas
1940 Bob Steele Billy the Kid in Texas
1940 Ginny Simms You'll Find Out
1940 Bela Lugosi You'll Find Out
1940 Dennis O'Keefe You'll Find Out
1940 Peter Lorre You'll Find Out
1940 Boris Karloff You'll Find Out
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