Louise Carver
Date of Birth
Jun 09, 1868
Birth Place:
Davenport, IA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1941 Moe Howard Some More of Samoa
1941 Larry Fine Some More of Samoa
1937 Vernon Dent Dizzy Doctors
1937 Frank Mills Dizzy Doctors
1937 Larry Fine Dizzy Doctors
1937 Moe Howard Dizzy Doctors
1937 James C. Morton Dizzy Doctors
1935 Herman Bing Every Night at Eight
1935 Patsy Kelly Every Night at Eight
1935 Frances Langford Every Night at Eight
1935 Walter Catlett Every Night at Eight
1935 George Raft Every Night at Eight
1935 Dennis O'Keefe Every Night at Eight
1935 Alice Faye Every Night at Eight
1934 Harrison Greene Kid Millions
1934 Charlie Hall Kid Millions
1934 Lucille Ball Kid Millions
1934 Berton Churchill Kid Millions
1934 Ann Sothern Kid Millions
1934 Henry Kolker Kid Millions
1934 John Kelly Kid Millions
1934 The Nicholas Brothers Kid Millions
1934 Edward Peil Sr. Kid Millions
1934 Lynne Carver Kid Millions
1934 Paul Harvey Kid Millions
1934 Stanley Fields Kid Millions
1934 Edgar Kennedy Kid Millions
1934 Tor Johnson Kid Millions
1934 George Murphy Kid Millions
1934 Art Mix Kid Millions
1934 Eddie Cantor Kid Millions
1934 Clarence Muse Kid Millions
1934 Ethel Merman Kid Millions
1933 James Finlayson The Devil's Brother
1933 Thelma Todd The Devil's Brother
1933 Oliver Hardy The Devil's Brother
1933 Rolfe Sedan The Devil's Brother
1933 John Qualen The Devil's Brother
1933 Edith Fellows The Devil's Brother
1933 George Miller The Devil's Brother
1933 Stan Laurel The Devil's Brother
1933 James C. Morton The Devil's Brother
1933 Cornelius Keefe The Devil's Brother
1933 Richard Rodgers Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
1933 Frank Morgan Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
1933 Madge Evans Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
1933 Al Jolson Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
1933 Harry Langdon Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
1933 C. Aubrey Smith The Monkey's Paw
1933 Gordon Jones The Monkey's Paw
1933 Joey Ray The Monkey's Paw
1933 Bramwell Fletcher The Monkey's Paw
1933 David Manners Roman Scandals
1933 Marjorie Main Roman Scandals
1933 Alan Mowbray Roman Scandals
1933 John Ince Roman Scandals
1933 Stanley Fields Roman Scandals
1933 Clarence H. Wilson Roman Scandals
1933 Duke York Roman Scandals
1933 Frank S. Hagney Roman Scandals
1933 Busby Berkeley Roman Scandals
1933 Gloria Stuart Roman Scandals
1933 Veree Teasdale Roman Scandals
1933 Stanley Andrews Roman Scandals
1933 Edward Arnold Roman Scandals
1933 Eddie Cantor Roman Scandals
1933 Jane Darwell Roman Scandals
1933 Lucille Ball Roman Scandals
1933 Billy Barty Roman Scandals
1931 Charles Butterworth Side Show
1931 Guy Kibbee Side Show
1930 Louise Beavers Back Pay
1930 Montagu Love Back Pay
1930 Russell Powell The Big Trail
1930 Tyrone Power, Sr. The Big Trail
1930 John Wayne The Big Trail
1930 Tully Marshall The Big Trail
1930 Ward Bond The Big Trail
1930 Loretta Young The Man from Blankley's
1930 John Barrymore The Man from Blankley's
1930 Fanny Brice The Man from Blankley's
1929 Conrad Nagel The Redeeming Sin
1929 Dolores Costello The Redeeming Sin
1929 George E. Stone The Redeeming Sin
1929 Edward Everett Horton The Sap
1929 Franklin Pangborn The Sap
1929 Patsy Ruth Miller The Sap
1929 Alan Hale The Sap
1929 Madge Bellamy Tonight at Twelve
1929 Monte Montague Wolves of the City
1927 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Backstage
1927 Bess Flowers Blondes by Choice
1927 Claire Windsor Blondes by Choice
1927 Bob Perry The Fortune Hunter
1923 Vernon Dent The Extra Girl
1923 William Desmond The Extra Girl
1923 Billy Bevan The Extra Girl
1923 Carl Stockdale The Extra Girl
1923 Ralph Graves The Extra Girl
1923 Mabel Normand The Extra Girl
1923 Monte Blue Main Street
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Main Street
1923 Alan Hale Main Street
1923 Ramon Novarro Scaramouche
1923 Nelson McDowell Scaramouche
1923 Julia Swayne Gordon Scaramouche
1923 Lewis Stone Scaramouche
1923 George Siegmann Scaramouche
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