By movie_wacko
Written October 07, 2014
NOT GOING TO GET NEAR THE OSCARS...trite and boring...and used the word "*****" many times during the movie....Not a good thing since it is not P.C. and whitey is discriminated against for even uttering the word....but there the black people were spewing it all over...not good.
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By montesalex96
Written August 06, 2013
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Typical Story - Fun To Watch

By KalelFan
Written September 20, 2010
The film takes on common issues with a young man who wants to do the right then when others are steering him elsewhere. It is almost Shakespearian as the underdog/hero, played by Bow Wow, works and does not get where he wants to be by doing it. He listens to his elders, does well in the community, and wants to attract beautiful girls. Unfortunately, he is being hunted by an ex-con until his luck changes. The cast is what makes the movie enjoyable as Bow Wow is befriended by Brandon T Jackson (Tropic Thunder), Loretta Divine (This Christmas), Ice Cube (Barber Shop), Mike Epps (The Hangover), Keith David (Pitch Black), and Naturi Naughton (Nortorius). The film brings nothing spectacular to the genre, however a few additions to the plot will make you laugh. It is acceptable for teenagers to watch and recommended as it may influence them to think about their lives and what is truly important.
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Good Family Comedy

By jmccloy77
Written August 22, 2010
This was a good movie. Its one for the entire family. With the exception of maybe a couple scenes. But overall, it was a good movie. I really enjoyed it. The cast was great. The story line was good. You will have a nice time watching this film. It can go to show what a lot of money can do to you and your friendship with others. But go watch this movie. You wont be disappointed at all.
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Too Funny

By krissyjoy80
Written October 03, 2010
The movie was very entertaining and had a great story line! Two thumbs up!! (=
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