Lost and Found in Armenia Synopsis
A US Senator's son (Jaime Kennedy) who attempts to forget the break up of his fiancée, is forced to vacation in Turkey by his best friends. A para-sailing trip mishap lands him in a small village in Armenia, where he is accused of being a spy. It is...
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Lost & found in Armenia

By arigann
It was a funny movie and I would like to see it one more time.So hilarious.You guys should see it and I hope you like it :)...

96 cupcakes

By 123747

Lost and found in Armenia

By adoreg777
Very funny...

Lost and found in Armenia

By lilit100
Loved it!...


By gohark2007
It's a must see! As an Armenian-American, I loved it! Would watch it again!!...


By samo_ape
The best movie...

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