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As Allied forces sweep across Germany, five children embark on a journey.
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Very long and boring

By curtiswaters
I saw this movie based on the critic reviews. I love foreign films because they are out of the ordinary. Lore is a sad story that isn't put together well. The story plods along, with much angst....

After the war from the German perspective

By heathenchild
This film is really worth seeing: It gives a perspective of World War II from the German children and teens indoctrinated by the Third Reich after Germany has fallen. It is beautifully shot and the...

By mileroa
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By Emercuri
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By everyweek60706
This reminds me of Anne Frank. The thing that stands out is the pain of growing up - the shock of realizing that your parents were protecting you from certain facts of life - in fact, what bleeping...

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By jflawrence
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By ambertin44

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By yocallahan
A must see movie! I love foreign films and this was terrific and poignant....

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By pranav91
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By denmarc
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