If only this could be an annual event

By middleearthcitizen
Written December 10, 2012
This was a bucket-list item for me - to see the 3 movies back-to-back-to-back. I loved the books before the movie and the movies did not disappoint. Anytime I can visit MiddleEarth I will go! Do it again, and again, and again! Thank you for the return trip.
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Epic even after ten years

By annie.wjkang
Written December 09, 2012
After all these years, I still think there were no other movies greater than LOR series. I really hope they could make the movies 3D and released them again like Titanic, since it could give the younger generation a chance to see them. Though I don't expect the Hobbit to be the same, I am still going to watch it next week.
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By Dwarf19734
Written December 10, 2012
Although I knew the stay at the theater would be lengthy, the almost hour wait in between showings made the experience less enjoyable. I saw it at a Regal theater,so I'm not sure if this was the norm at other places....otherwise I loved seeing the Trilogy on the big screen and my 14 year old daughter is a huge fan! She wants to read the books to see how close the movies are to Tolkiens' telling...
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Timeless masterpieces ,terrible presentation

By oinkmaster
Written December 10, 2012
I have always gone to another AMC for any marathons,but since Middletown,NY is my local theater,well,let's give it a chance...I am not planning on going to another marathon here again.Although promised right in the movie board for the marathon,we had no intros to the movies by Peter Jackson .We had no greeters at the door and welcomers at the begiining of the marathon.I have gone to many of these marathons and knew what was going to happen.However,for those who have not attended before,they could be totally lost.the trivia was disorganized and boring. The hour plus drive in both directions to the other AMC theater might indeed be worth it. Now to the films themselves: The movies are timeless ,exquisite masterpieces..period.They deserved better.
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Marathon was great - meal was a BUST!

By winkhome
Written December 09, 2012
The movies were as always terrific - but the promised food as part of the package was a figment of someone's imagination! There will not be a next time.
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