LOTR trilogy Marathon

By nuke5466
Written December 10, 2012
A great 13 1/2 hrs of a Sat. seen Fellowship of the Ring Extended & The two towers extended in theaters b4 but was worth wait to see The Return of the King Extended for the first time on the Big Screen. would do it again and can't wait for The Hobbit An unexpected Journey all 3 hrs of it
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By wild1967lefty
Written December 09, 2012
Had a blast of a time with my friends watching the Triology! So exciting and the story line moved fast throughout all three movies! Lookingforward to the release of the Hobbitt!
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Lord of the Rings Extended cut Remastered Marathon

By laniershazar
Written December 09, 2012
This was a wonderful event with special intros by Peter Jackson for each movie. It was incredible to have a chance to see them all again on the big screen and the extended version no less. If it happens again you should definitely see it. But it's about 12 hours long so prepare to do a lot of sitting!
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Lord of the Rings Trilogy Marathon

By eliana
Written December 10, 2012
I loved seeing it one after the other. I did not feel the time...it passed so quickly. Loved the little souvenirs they gave us. I'm going to read the books next. Peter Jackson is a genius and the actors were phenomenal. Loved seeing them again. I would happily do this again!
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By MomHrv
Written December 10, 2012
I own the Extended Version of all three of these movies, and there were scenes that I had never seen before! It was an awesome time, a great crowd, and it made me feel as though I was seeing the movies for the first time.
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