Lord of the Dance 3D Synopsis
Michael Flatley performs the world-famous "Lord of the Dance" in 3D.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Carrie Rickey
Throughout Flatley, now 52, is triumphal and indefatigable. There are two mysteries here: From whence comes Flatley's boundless energy? And...
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The Hollywood Reporter

Won't win many new fans for the high-stepping dancer. It might even cost him a few old ones.
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
An essential document of bad taste that needs to go right into the time capsule. History must not forget.
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Village Voice

It never morphs into the amazing Christopher Guest jam it first suggests. Strike two is the fact that, not counting one superb, David Lee...
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The New York Times

By Neil Genzlinger
The excitement factor only intermittently carries from the arena to the screen.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
The best stuff: Wow, can those kids hoof - and so, even past his half-century mark, can the preening, Chicago-born Mr. F.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
It's simply a blandly shot recording of Michael Flatley's musical revue, as performed overseas.
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Numbingly repetitive in its routines, and seeming to take a bow from the moment it begins, Lord of the Dance 3D makes crystal-clear the...
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Boston Globe

If you're a fan of this Lord, find a copy of the 1999 DVD "Lord of the Dance" and don't waste your time with this flat vanity piece.
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Time Out New York

By S. James Snyder
Sure, the footwork is flawless in this 3-D rendering of Michael Flatley's high-kicking show; it's the filmmaking that's dull.
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By mike3316
Great show .... better 3D movie!!!! Saw the show live years ago with Michael Flatley ... the 3D in the movie was so good that I actually forgot I was watching a movie, it felt like I was watching the...

loved the film

By wjrfmr
We loved the film! The story was good, the presentation was good, the filming however cut off the feet on alot of the solos and in tap dancing the main focus is on the feet. I think children...

lord of the dance

By suefergus
The movie was fantastic. I can't get enough of Michael Flatley and this show...


By carmael
This movie is amazing mainly because of the 3D feature because that makes you almost feel like you are right there at the performance. I would love to see more dance and musical performances done...


By purple78910
Almost as good as being there in person. What fantastic talent. Loved it!...

Foolish People!!

By GrandmaJanie56
This was just awesome and the theater was almost empty!! We bought our tickets early thinking they might be sold out!!! If you didn't go, you really missed a great Dancing 3D experience!!! Took my 5...

Lord of the Dance

By aardwolf
Lord of the Dance was great in 3D. Michael Flatley was as usual unbelievable. Glad to see he made a come back. The 3D made it like being there. Too bad it's only running for a week....

Lord of the Dance

By jmwoll316
Enjoyed it very much. 3D made it seem like the dancers were on stage instead of on screen....

Lord of The Dance

By DanaRay
I have seen 3 D's before and this was not one of the best made. It would have been just as enjoyable without the hype of 3 D. You must really enjoy the Dance review lines and such in order to enjoy...

Lord of the

By Mrs Leslie
We loved Lord of the Dance, especially in 3D. We felt as if we were right there in the theatre where they were performing. The show was awesome and Michael Flattley cannot be challenged in his...

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