By Stucky12
Written May 31, 2016
I was looking forward to this movie for a majority of the year. I have to say, this didn't disappoint. I absolutely loved this movie.
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Smart time travel thriller

By jhs39
Written April 28, 2017
Smart time travel thriller is more smart than exciting, much like Christopher Nolan films such as The Prestige and Memento. This is definitely worth seeing but don't expect edge of your seat thrills and an abundance of action.
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Characters Get Older and So Do Their Lines

By All_the_world's_a_stage
Written May 01, 2016
The smugness of Bruce Willis is old, and tired. There is nothing new here, he is the same old Willis we've seen time and again. The story is, however intriguing, but the performance of the younger actors leaves much to be desired. I would have enjoyed this better on DVD while doing laundry.
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By 7waves
Written October 01, 2012
This is a brilliant movie. I've never been so moved by a story that involved Bruce Willis with a gun. I am very cautious about seeing violent films. I don't like violence for the sake of violence. This is a story that carries the violence instead of the violence carrying the story. So, if you would rule this out only because of that then I'd say just turn your really don't want to miss it. Go. Go. Go.
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Good movie

By bigquis
Written May 03, 2016
I like this movie however it has some slow parts. I fell asleep a couple times , but all in all it was a pretty good movie. They managed to avoid talking about the actual time travel too much since that can really mess up movie. I would recommend going to see this movie.
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