Good sci-fi with good twists

By michelekf
Written April 26, 2017
One a scale from 1-10, me & hubby give it a strong 8+. Good acting, including the young Rainmaker. I love the froggy `early warning system'!! :)
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Loopin' for Looper

By yamziam
Written February 09, 2016
When choosing this movie for our Sunday outing, I admit that I was really interested in seeing Bruce Willis being portrayed by Joseph Gordon Levitt. You will discover that is such a small, well crafted detail of this story that will keep you twisting with surprises and is so refreshing. In some movies, you can see the plot points coming at you or you are so confused that you need to see the movie again to fully understand what happened. This swift story line is well crafted and excellently acted by all. It is written tightly with very little slack Although you expect some kind of SciFy experience involving time travel, it is just an accepted fact in the story that goes much deeper and will leave you thinking. We enjoyed discussing the movie afterwards and thoroughly recommend it.
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Loopers -- save your money

By push
Written July 30, 2016
I almost walked out at 1/3 in. The plot's a cliche, neither of the main actors was challenged. Main characters in the plot weren't adequately developed. The main female character's lines were cliches, and she didn't pull her weight. On the plus side, if you like women who are confident with small breasts, there's a nice long bit in the middle with a topless flat chested hooker that's smokin'. Too bad. They had all the ingredients -- good basic idea, great actors, and some special effects skills, but they didn't play any of it to their best advantage.
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An amazing, original movie!

By outlaw4728
Written February 25, 2017
Looper was fantastic. It was a great action movie with awesome dialogue. What I loved the most, was the idea and how they arranged the script. All totally original, imo. Joseph Gordon Levitt was great, as usual, and Emily Blunt did very well. This is a must-see movie, preferably in theaters, but still awesome at home. I will definitely be buying this on Blu!
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Time Traveling at its best!

By apimentel
Written October 04, 2012
This is not your typical time travel movie. Besides the superb acting and plot there is a huge twist half way through the film that totally changes the focus of the story. This is a must see movie for sure. Not for kids though.
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