Looper. Average

Written September 30, 2012
I like more action. The movie slows down in the middle. The story line was good but they could have did more with the middle of the movie and they could have had a better ending.
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Loopers -- save your money

By push
Written October 14, 2012
I almost walked out at 1/3 in. The plot's a cliche, neither of the main actors was challenged. Main characters in the plot weren't adequately developed. The main female character's lines were cliches, and she didn't pull her weight. On the plus side, if you like women who are confident with small breasts, there's a nice long bit in the middle with a topless flat chested hooker that's smokin'. Too bad. They had all the ingredients -- good basic idea, great actors, and some special effects skills, but they didn't play any of it to their best advantage.
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By behaze
Written January 05, 2013
Great movie, cool graphics. If you are a WIllis fan, you will love this one. Very cool story. Not for kids though, as it becomes intense and has some shooter violence. On DVD now, we will buy it. Very good movie.
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It's Okay

By masinmiami
Written January 01, 2013
Context: The Lord of the Rings and the Matrix Trilogy are some of my favorite movies. This movie is okay. The acting is good. The story plot is a bit underdeveloped. It strikes me as a fairly low budget (by Hollywood standards) film, that is not heavy on the special affects, but the acting and the premise in general carries the film. It could have been much better with a little more development of the plot; in particular what was happening in the future. I'd probably recommend waiting for the movie to come out on HBO or Showtime, rather than spending the money to watch it. It's borderline in that respect.
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Best thing I've seen out of Hollywood this year

By colourandcut
Written December 07, 2012
Great movie though it doesn't always make sense which is why you have to see it AGAIN. The best thing out there this year. Bruce Willis is superb. The story is kinetic. Highly recommended.
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