By flunkedrecess
Written October 09, 2015
This movie drags and drags and drags..... I t was confusing and hard to follow. Not enough interaction between the two main characters. And did I mention that it drags. Its a 2 hr. movie and I felt like I was in there for 8 hrs. what a chore.
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By theForeigner
Written September 02, 2015
I was very impressed with everything about this movie...except the two scenes of female nudity. (One very brief, and one very long). Unnecessary and gross! But overall: Great acting, Great filming, Great writing, Great directing...and such a fascinating plot. Kind of "tough" movie. Some folks find it hard to watch. It is pretty morbid sometimes. And it's very tense. Blew me away! Parents: Had alot of foul language (many uses of the "f" word and taking God's name in vain). 2 scenes of topless females. Lots of violence, gore, and tense scenes (many involve a child). A few times it's very obviously implied that a couple sleeps together, but the act is never seen (just aLOT! of kissing/grabbing/waking up next morning/etc).
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By Stucky12
Written November 30, 2015
I was looking forward to this movie for a majority of the year. I have to say, this didn't disappoint. I absolutely loved this movie.
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Smart time travel thriller

By jhs39
Written December 25, 2014
Smart time travel thriller is more smart than exciting, much like Christopher Nolan films such as The Prestige and Memento. This is definitely worth seeing but don't expect edge of your seat thrills and an abundance of action.
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Good movie, see Looper

By pwong13
Written September 30, 2012
Time travel movies...this one did it pretty well. J. Gordon Levitt is kicking butt these days, he does great job as early version guy - matching Bruce Willis character...as future older guy. And the little boy was smart, funny and creepy scary when he needed to be. Go see this movie.
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