Best thing I've seen out of Hollywood this year

By colourandcut
Written December 07, 2012
Great movie though it doesn't always make sense which is why you have to see it AGAIN. The best thing out there this year. Bruce Willis is superb. The story is kinetic. Highly recommended.
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Looper is no pooper

By truscica
Written October 01, 2012
Looper was fun, fast, and clever. If I were to critisize anything at all, it simply would b what the hell were they thinking with JGL's eyebrows and obvious lipstick .I understand they needed to change the nose, etc to get him to resemble a young BW, but cmon....he looked like a weird drag queen in a few scenes. barring that, good sold film. I hope there's a sequel with less lipstick.
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Great Concept, Poor Execution

By gotamd
Written October 01, 2012
I really wanted to enjoy Looper, but found myself disappointed. It was overly graphic and violent (including extremely creepy violence toward children), but that wasn't my main complaint. I can't say too much without going into spoilers, but I thought the ending was unnecessary given the way time travel and memory is explained throughout the rest of the movie. That was probably the largest letdown. I was also hoping and thinking that there would be more cooperation between the olde and younger looper given that they were the same person, but they didn't get too deep into that relationship. Overall, it's a very interesting concept, but it didn't meet my expectations. Overall, I give it a "meh".
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By ritaz
Written October 15, 2012
I checked out this movie on "Rotten Tomatoes" before I went to see it and it had gotten 93 tomatoes - really good ratings, right? It was pretty horrible...confusing, dark, bad ending...Can't believe I wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life attending this movie...Not sure WHO those people were that liked it...I went with 3 other people that felt the same way, so it wasn't just me!! Oh, and when there's a GOOD movie, the audience claps at the end...NOT so with this one...Save your money and don't waste 1 1/2 hours of your life with this horribel movie!
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Looper: A Swift Knee to the Happy Sacks

By aerykpierson
Written December 13, 2012
My father was fond of barking, “Boy, I’ll stomp your nuts!” Have you ever been kicked in the nuts? I mean right square in the balls. Stars flash in your eyes and you drop like a hot sack of diarrhea. The point of my incoherent lead is this: I imagine a swift kick to the balls is what time travel is like. At the very least, I know that is what time travel stories are like. Even when done right, the majority inevitably try to pull a fast one on the audience. Time and time again, not just in stories involving time travel, the story and characters will draw us in, make us love them, and then, inexplicably, the rug is pulled from underneath us for a glass bottom boat **** storm, sans the glass bottom boat.
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