Looper Synopsis
A killer who works for the mob of the future recognizes one of his targets as his future self.
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Its a Looper Dooper movie

By Darkola
The idea for this movie was a great idea, in the future, the way to kill someone off and get rid of all evidence was to teleport them back through time 30 years earlier, and upon arrival back, there...


By ramay
The movie was quite entertaining and met my expectations. It contains an adequate amount of action with a storyline that triggers curiosity and emotion for its audiences. In addition, the actors...

Inversed Terminator

By syk1004
This exceeded my expectations & JGL, Willis & Blunt were amazing while Jeff Daniels provided some comic relief. Brilliantly written with every detail in place! I absolutely love Rian Johnson & loved...

Exciting.....we loved it!!! But sci fi is our favorite.

By movie going granny
Bruce Willis is always fine, but the movie was great even if he wasn't a lead. It was exciting and kept me guessing .... sometimes totally lost, but I loved it anyway. The child was amazing!!!! ...


By brooklineboys
Thoughtful, provocative and well-done sci-fi with multiple twists. Looper is much more than a shoot 'em up vehicle for the stars. It gets under your skin, nags at your expectations, and leaves you...

Loopers review

By Joshuanyc73
I had a feeling this movie was going to be good... but hot damn! To be original in this era or remakes is a statement unto itself, but these guys raised the bar to a whole new level. Story is all...


By titanschick
Starts off SLOW, then picks up in the middle, then ends pretty predictably. Of course with Bruce Willis in it, any movie is worth the popcorn ;-)...

Absolutely Must-See

By gbrobinson
Absolutely amazing. One of the best sci-fi movies in years. Comparable to Blade Runner in its level of world-building, tension, suspense and the moral and ethical questions it poses for the viewer....


By thedoctor777
I reviewed this film as a go; but it was close to a so/so. I loved the concept and storyline. However, the writing was a little weak as far as character development and letting the film move along...

Something different.. and intriguing

By jewlia023
I was extremely excited to see this movie. It isn't a re-make, it has a great plot, with little twists creating a very entertaining film. I was disappointed that my local theater only had one screen...

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Rated R | For Language, Drug Content, Some Sexuality/Nudity and Strong Violence
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Common Sense Media says Smart, exciting sci-fi tale has violence, sex, and drugs.
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