Great Honor to our soldiers in harms way

By Cin_Artist
Written September 29, 2016
I just came from seeing this movie. It is masterfully done, you fill all of the emotions as if you are on that mountain with these brave men. It is graphic but I think it needs to be to tell the story. They went through a horrific blood bath because they had done the honorable thing as a team and allowed those that would cause their demise to live. You see the brotherhood of these men, you also see Good vs Evil. You see that there are good people willing to help and that they also have been brutalized both mentally and physically from the Taliban. My prayers are with the families of all soldiers that have lost love ones in this war and know I think this film honors them. I do believe that the lone survivor lived to tell this story and honor his brothers. I also hope he has peace and happiness during the rest of his life now and know he honored them well and they would be proud!
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Lone Survivor

By mflee02
Written February 26, 2017
What an amazing and emotional movie. I highly recommend seeing it in the theater for the full impact, thank you to those that serve, or have served and thank you to the families which allowed this wonderful movie to take place - the ended brought tears to not only my eyes but my husbands.
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Best war movie to date

By jstonemo
Written July 28, 2016
Amazing, heart wrenching movie about what Marcus Luttrell and his team members went through that cost them their lives, except for Mr. Luttrell. Very graphic violence so obviously not for kids.
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A MUST SEE! Put this first on your list--no chldren, though.

By film-bug
Written April 04, 2017
This movie is a magnificent tribute to our soldiers, and their daily acts of courage. It's a true story, and the cast does a wonderful job of giving an up close and personal account of the sacrifices they made (and make) for all of us. The critics should be ashamed of themselves, downgrading this film to a "so-so". How predictable that they don't like anything pro-America, or pro-American military--such a bunch of losers.
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Good Action Movie

By Mustangofficer
Written September 26, 2016
Movie's rarely live up to a book and this one doesn't either, but I think that they did the best that they could. Turning a 3 hour gun battle and a five day escape/evade into a 2 hour movie would be daunting for any director. I believe they captured the essence of the movie and of course took some "hollywood" liberties with the story, but all in all, they detailed the hatred of the taliban towards the USA and the catch 22 our troops are in (I have 5 deployments to that area). Additionally, Peter Berg got all the military lingo, aircraft types and sounds of all - exactly correct. Well done. The tribute at the end was the right thing to do. The normal citizen should read Lone Survivor regardless of seeing the movie.
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