An Oscar for Salma!

By pomspringz
Written April 19, 2007
Excellent film, a must-see. Salma Hayek is sure to get an Oscar nomination for this riveting performance. You can’t take your eyes off of Jared Leto. James Gandolfini and Scott Caan are wonderful together. I was sorry to see this captivating movie end.
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Great acting

By Beachgirl2065
Written May 05, 2007
Liked the movie. Salma Hayek was convincing in her portrayal of Martha, as was Jared Leto was for Raymond. Not a moive for everyone, unless you are one to step outside the box.
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Wanted to Love It, but Far From It...

By Johnny5Stars
Written May 06, 2007
The actors' futile attempts to breathe life into the contrived script fell flat. Unconvincing portrayals, awkward dialogue, and a back story that felt irrelevant. The more interesting story of who these ruthless killers were is told with little depth of detail and emotional resonance. Ultimately, John Travolta's frozen expressions and leaden dialogue frustrate rather than captivate. Salma Hayek's confrontation scene with Jared Leto's character needs a re-write-you get the sense she feels the scene falling short as it unfolds. The bright spots were scene-stealer James Gandolfini's portrayal as the partner, and let's face it, Selma Hayek is stunningly beautiful and always a pleasure to watch. This is a movie you root for the whole way through, you love the actors, the period, and the story, but you'll hate how it all fails to pieces when the dialogue fails to tell the story or capture the obvious passion that went into the making of it.
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Lonely Hearts

By crashowe
Written May 09, 2007
Loved the cast and characters in this film. It reminded me somewhat of a Humphry Bogart film in the narration, but the actor who did the narration was a natural and it did not seem stilted or false. I like John Travolta as the Detective Roobinson, and thought that it was nice to see him portray someone with depth and flaws ( though I missed seeing him dance!). Salma Hayek, who I normally do not care for did an excellent job protraying a troubled woman with whom you felt both sympathy and repulsion. The weakest character was Jared Leto as Ray, but on a scale of 1 to 10 , he scored 8 as being able to pull of the job. Overall an interesting and touching film.
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Murder most foul...

By Chowda
Written March 02, 2011
A good crime thriller about serial killers being investigated by a dogged detective.
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