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A young woman (Greta Gerwig) tries to make sense of her life after her fiance dumps her.
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By lameishasherri
I chased this movie for 3 weeks. It finally came to a somewhat local theater (cinemark in Palo Alto). Drove down with a friend ... excited to see it ... started watching, and 30 minutes in I fell...

Lola Versus

By nukker
If you are under 30, you might enjoy this movie.... Other wise - Forget about it!...

Has a Woody Allen Feel

By hfierce
I guess I was expecting it to be funnier or unique, but it was your same-o, same-o run of the mill indie flick of girl gets dumped and tries to figure out herself and life simultaneously while ending...


By i3adfish7
Thoroughly enjoyed this film and Greta Gerwig's endearing performance, reminiscent of a young and clueless Alicia Silverstone (in a good way). A fun story that takes place in the best city of all,...

Lola Versus

By didice
LOVED THE FILM! The characters seem real, ordinary, and down to earth. Seem like people you may know. Make real mistakes. No one is perfect; everyone has their own spin on things. Very funny &...

Lola Versus

By clam99
GREAT flik! Sophisticated Drama/Comedy Great writing,acting and directing!...


By ctl2003
Not much to say : it was a masterpiece of sheet! Don't waist your time and money....

it's an embarrassment

By artpaul
If your idea of fun is to watch nearly 30-year-olds who haven't learned anything in life yet and have no social skills this might be your movie. If you really do have friends like this, I suggest...

By ltob

By sashurtleff

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Rated R | For Sexuality, Language and Drug Use
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Common Sense Media says Hipster romantic dramedy has some sex, drinking, language.
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