Lois Wilson
Date of Birth
Jun 28, 1894
Birth Place:
Pittsburgh, PA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1950 Paul Kelly Ford Theater
1950 Paul Kelly Ford Theater: Married Look
1949 Dona Drake The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 William Forrest The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Eddie Bracken The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Jerome Cowan The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Joi Lansing The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Virginia Mayo The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Creighton Hale The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Paul Harvey The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Florence Bates The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Billy Wayne The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Ronald Reagan The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Lloyd Corrigan The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Henry Travers The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Lola Albright The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Raymond Bailey The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Dale Robertson The Girl From Jones Beach
1949 Buddy Roosevelt The Girl From Jones Beach
1941 Marjorie Weaver For Beauty's Sake
1941 Ned Sparks For Beauty's Sake
1941 Richard Lane For Beauty's Sake
1941 Ruth Warren For Beauty's Sake
1941 Cyril Ring For Beauty's Sake
1941 Isabel Jewell For Beauty's Sake
1941 Tully Marshall For Beauty's Sake
1941 Joan Davis For Beauty's Sake
1941 Margaret Dumont For Beauty's Sake
1940 Edith Fellows Nobody's Children
1940 Mira McKinney Nobody's Children
1940 Edward Earle Nobody's Children
1940 Mary Gordon Nobody's Children
1940 William Forrest Nobody's Children
1939 Gene Reynolds Bad Little Angel
1939 Ann E. Todd Bad Little Angel
1939 Esther Dale Bad Little Angel
1939 Guy Kibbee Bad Little Angel
1939 Reginald Owen Bad Little Angel
1939 Ian Hunter Bad Little Angel
1939 Elizabeth Patterson Bad Little Angel
1939 Russell Powell For Love or Money
1939 Edward S. Brophy For Love or Money
1939 Richard Lane For Love or Money
1939 June Lang For Love or Money
1939 Armand Kaliz For Love or Money
1939 Alphonse Martell For Love or Money
1939 Horace McMahon For Love or Money
1939 Robert Kent For Love or Money
1939 Valerie Hobson Life Returns
1939 Stanley Fields Life Returns
1939 Richard Quine Life Returns
1939 George Breakston Life Returns
1937 Margaret Hamilton Laughing at Trouble
1937 Allan Lane Laughing at Trouble
1937 Edward McWade Laughing at Trouble
1937 John Carradine Laughing at Trouble
1937 William Benedict Laughing at Trouble
1937 Jane Darwell Laughing at Trouble
1936 Edgar Kennedy The Return of Jimmy Valentine
1936 J. Carrol Naish The Return of Jimmy Valentine
1936 Franklin Parker The Return of Jimmy Valentine
1936 Robert Warwick The Return of Jimmy Valentine
1936 Dewey Robinson The Return of Jimmy Valentine
1936 Frank Melton The Return of Jimmy Valentine
1936 Charles Sullivan Wedding Present
1936 Cyril Ring Wedding Present
1936 Russell Powell Wedding Present
1936 Purnell Pratt Wedding Present
1936 Lee Shumway Wedding Present
1936 Clarence H. Wilson Wedding Present
1936 Charles B. Middleton Wedding Present
1936 Charles Sherlock Wedding Present
1936 Frances Morris Wedding Present
1936 Gene Lockhart Wedding Present
1936 Cary Grant Wedding Present
1936 Conrad Nagel Wedding Present
1936 Jack Mulhall Wedding Present
1936 Chuck Hamilton Wedding Present
1936 George Bancroft Wedding Present
1936 Edward S. Brophy Wedding Present
1936 William Demarest Wedding Present
1936 Joan Bennett Wedding Present
1935 Ben Alexander Born to Gamble
1935 H.B. Warner Born to Gamble
1935 Lucien Littlefield Cappy Ricks Returns
1935 Edward J. Le Saint Public Opinion
1935 Lew Kelly Public Opinion
1935 William Farnum School for Girls
1935 Dorothy Lee School for Girls
1935 Anna Q. Nilsson School for Girls
1935 Edward J. Le Saint School for Girls
1935 Anne Shirley School for Girls
1935 Myrtle Stedman School for Girls
1935 Robert Warwick School for Girls
1935 Paul Kelly School for Girls
1935 George Cleveland School for Girls
1935 Purnell Pratt School for Girls
1935 Charles Ray School for Girls
1935 Lew Kelly Society Fever
1935 Bob McKenzie Society Fever
1935 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Society Fever
1935 George Irving Society Fever
1935 Hedda Hopper Society Fever
1935 William Benedict Your Uncle Dudley
1935 Edward Everett Horton Your Uncle Dudley
1934 Charles Sellon Bright Eyes
1934 James Dunn Bright Eyes
1934 Jane Darwell Bright Eyes
1934 Jane Withers Bright Eyes
1934 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Bright Eyes
1934 Shirley Temple Bright Eyes
1934 George Irving Bright Eyes
1934 Frank Coghlan, Jr. In the Money
1934 Louise Beavers In the Money
1934 Hattie McDaniel In the Money
1934 Jackie Searl No Greater Glory
1934 George Breakston No Greater Glory
1934 Ralph Morgan No Greater Glory
1934 Frankie Darro No Greater Glory
1934 Grant Mitchell The Show-Off
1934 Madge Evans The Show-Off
1934 Spencer Tracy The Show-Off
1934 Clara Blandick The Show-Off
1934 Alan Hale There's Always Tomorrow
1934 William Reynolds There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Robert Taylor There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Frank Morgan There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Binnie Barnes There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Joan Bennett There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Fred MacMurray There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Jane Darwell There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Barbara Stanwyck There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Dick Winslow There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Margaret Hamilton There's Always Tomorrow
1934 Ralph Graves Ticket to Crime
1934 Edward Earle Ticket to Crime
1934 Lola Lane Ticket to Crime
1934 Charles Ray Ticket to Crime
1933 Harry Semels The Deluge
1933 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. The Deluge
1933 Matt Moore The Deluge
1933 Edward Van Sloan The Deluge
1933 Ruth Chatterton Female
1933 George Brent Female
1933 Laura Hope Crews Female
1933 Ruth Donnelly Female
1933 Douglas Dumbrille Female
1933 Walter Brennan Female
1933 Robert Warwick Female
1933 Sterling Holloway Female
1933 Johnny Mack Brown Female
1933 Pat O'Malley Laughing at Life
1933 William Desmond Laughing at Life
1933 Frankie Darro Laughing at Life
1933 John Farrell MacDonald Laughing at Life
1933 Regis Toomey Laughing at Life
1933 Dewey Robinson Laughing at Life
1933 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Laughing at Life
1933 Victor McLaglen Laughing at Life
1933 Noah Beery, Jr. Laughing at Life
1933 Henry B. Walthall Laughing at Life
1933 Tully Marshall Laughing at Life
1933 Ward Bond Obey the Law
1933 Leo Carrillo Obey the Law
1933 Dickie Moore Obey the Law
1932 Helen Vinson The Crash
1932 Henry Kolker The Crash
1932 Ruth Chatterton The Crash
1932 George Brent The Crash
1932 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams The Devil Is Driving
1932 Edmund Lowe The Devil Is Driving
1932 Wynne Gibson The Devil Is Driving
1932 Dickie Moore The Devil Is Driving
1932 John Kelly The Devil Is Driving
1932 James Gleason The Devil Is Driving
1932 Lewis Stone Divorce in the Family
1932 Jackie Cooper Divorce in the Family
1932 Louise Beavers Divorce in the Family
1932 Jean Parker Divorce in the Family
1932 Richard Wallace Divorce in the Family
1932 Conrad Nagel Divorce in the Family
1932 David Newell Divorce in the Family
1932 Mischa Auer Drifting Souls
1932 Raymond Hatton Drifting Souls
1932 Edward J. Le Saint Drifting Souls
1932 Bryant Washburn Drifting Souls
1932 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Drifting Souls
1932 Dickie Moore The Expert
1932 Louise Beavers The Expert
1932 Clara Blandick The Expert
1932 Walter Catlett The Expert
1932 Elizabeth Patterson The Expert
1932 Dewey Robinson Law and Order
1932 Harry Carey Law and Order
1932 Walter Huston Law and Order
1932 Andy Devine Law and Order
1932 Raymond Hatton Law and Order
1932 Walter Brennan Law and Order
1932 Nelson McDowell Law and Order
1932 Fred Kohler Rider of Death Valley
1932 Tom Mix Rider of Death Valley
1932 Mae Busch Rider of Death Valley
1932 Edith Fellows Rider of Death Valley
1932 Iron Eyes Cody Rider of Death Valley
1932 Dorothy Revier Secrets of Wu Sin
1932 Robert Warwick Secrets of Wu Sin
1932 Richard Loo Secrets of Wu Sin
1931 Billie Dove The Age for Love
1931 Edward Everett Horton The Age for Love
1931 Adrian Morris The Age for Love
1931 Charles Starrett The Age for Love
1931 Genevieve Tobin Seed
1931 Dick Winslow Seed
1931 Dickie Moore Seed
1931 John Boles Seed
1931 Bette Davis Seed
1931 ZaSu Pitts Seed
1930 Carl Stockdale The Furies
1930 Purnell Pratt The Furies
1930 H.B. Warner The Furies
1930 Ben Hendricks, Jr. The Furies
1930 Montagu Love The Furies
1930 Richard Dix Lovin' the Ladies
1930 Edward Everett Horton Once a Gentleman
1930 King Baggot Once a Gentleman
1930 Francis X. Bushman Once a Gentleman
1930 Billy Bevan Temptation
1930 H.B. Warner Wedding Rings
1929 H.B. Warner Conquest
1929 Tully Marshall Conquest
1929 Monte Blue Conquest
1929 H.B. Warner The Gamblers
1929 Charles Sellon The Gamblers
1929 Conrad Nagel Kid Gloves
1929 Tom Dugan Kid Gloves
1929 Edward Earle Kid Gloves
1929 Roscoe Karns Object - Matrimony
1929 Dickie Moore Object - Matrimony
1929 Myrna Loy Show of Shows
1929 Tully Marshall Show of Shows
1929 Viola Dana Show of Shows
1929 Louise Fazenda Show of Shows
1929 Lila Lee Show of Shows
1929 Sally O'Neil Show of Shows
1929 Patsy Ruth Miller Show of Shows
1929 Frank Morgan Show of Shows
1929 Shirley Mason Show of Shows
1929 Chester Morris Show of Shows
1929 Dolores Costello Show of Shows
1929 Jack Buchanan Show of Shows
1929 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Show of Shows
1929 Ann Sothern Show of Shows
1929 Loretta Young Show of Shows
1929 H.B. Warner Show of Shows
1929 Alice White Show of Shows
1929 Ben Turpin Show of Shows
1929 Hobart Bosworth Show of Shows
1929 Monte Blue Show of Shows
1929 Hans Conried Show of Shows
1929 Noah Beery, Sr. Show of Shows
1929 Mary Astor Show of Shows
1929 John Barrymore Show of Shows
1929 Richard Barthelmess Show of Shows
1928 Franklin Pangborn On Trial
1928 Pauline Frederick On Trial
1928 Huntly Gordon Sally's Shoulders
1927 Ned Sparks Alias the Lone Wolf
1927 Ann Sothern Broadway Nights
1927 Sam Hardy Broadway Nights
1927 June Collyer Broadway Nights
1927 Sylvia Sidney Broadway Nights
1927 Barbara Stanwyck Broadway Nights
1927 H.B. Warner French Dressing
1927 Hedda Hopper French Dressing
1927 Lilyan Tashman French Dressing
1927 Clive Brook French Dressing
1927 William Powell New York
1927 Ricardo Cortez New York
1927 Estelle Taylor New York
1926 Blanche Sweet Bluebeard's Seven Wives
1926 Dorothy Sebastian Bluebeard's Seven Wives
1926 Sam Hardy Bluebeard's Seven Wives
1926 Ben Lyon Bluebeard's Seven Wives
1926 Lewis Milestone Fascinating Youth
1926 Percy Marmont Fascinating Youth
1926 Thelma Todd Fascinating Youth
1926 Richard Dix Fascinating Youth
1926 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Fascinating Youth
1926 Adolphe Menjou Fascinating Youth
1926 Thomas Meighan Fascinating Youth
1926 Lila Lee Fascinating Youth
1926 Malcolm St. Clair Fascinating Youth
1926 Clara Bow Fascinating Youth
1926 William Powell The Great Gatsby
1926 Warner Baxter The Great Gatsby
1926 Eric Blore The Great Gatsby
1926 Neil Hamilton The Great Gatsby
1926 Claire Whitney The Great Gatsby
1926 Edna May Oliver Let's Get Married
1926 Richard Dix Let's Get Married
1926 Nat Pendleton Let's Get Married
1926 Louise Brooks The Show-Off
1926 Ford Sterling The Show-Off
1925 Raymond Hatton Contraband
1925 Noah Beery, Sr. Contraband
1925 Thomas Meighan Irish Luck
1925 Phyllis Haver Rugged Water
1925 Wallace Beery Rugged Water
1925 Warner Baxter Rugged Water
1925 Dot Farley Rugged Water
1925 Gary Cooper Thundering Herd
1925 Tim McCoy Thundering Herd
1925 Noah Beery, Sr. Thundering Herd
1925 Raymond Hatton Thundering Herd
1925 Jack Holt Thundering Herd
1925 Fred Kohler Thundering Herd
1925 Noah Beery, Sr. The Vanishing American
1925 Richard Dix The Vanishing American
1925 Guy Oliver The Vanishing American
1925 Gary Cooper The Vanishing American
1925 Warner Baxter Welcome Home
1924 Hedda Hopper Another Scandal
1924 Edna May Oliver Icebound
1924 Richard Dix Icebound
1924 Edward Everett Horton Man Who Fights Alone
1924 George Irving Man Who Fights Alone
1924 William Farnum Man Who Fights Alone
1924 Flora Finch Monsieur Beaucaire
1924 George Barbier Monsieur Beaucaire
1924 Lowell Sherman Monsieur Beaucaire
1924 Bebe Daniels Monsieur Beaucaire
1924 Doris Kenyon Monsieur Beaucaire
1924 Rudolph Valentino Monsieur Beaucaire
1924 Guy Oliver North of 36
1924 Noah Beery, Sr. North of 36
1924 Ernest Torrence North of 36
1924 George Irving North of 36
1924 Jack Holt North of 36
1924 Charles Winninger Pied Piper Malone
1924 Helen Mack Pied Piper Malone
1924 Emma Dunn Pied Piper Malone
1924 Brian Keith Pied Piper Malone
1923 Adolphe Menjou Bella Donna
1923 Conrad Nagel Bella Donna
1923 Pola Negri Bella Donna
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Call of the Canyon
1923 Richard Dix Call of the Canyon
1923 Ricardo Cortez Call of the Canyon
1923 J. Warren Kerrigan The Covered Wagon
1923 Alan Hale The Covered Wagon
1923 Guy Oliver The Covered Wagon
1923 Ernest Torrence The Covered Wagon
1923 Tully Marshall The Covered Wagon
1923 Owen Moore Hollywood
1923 May McAvoy Hollywood
1923 Alan Hale Hollywood
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Hollywood
1923 Betty Compson Hollywood
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Hollywood
1923 Ricardo Cortez Hollywood
1923 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Hollywood
1923 Mary Astor Hollywood
1923 Pola Negri Hollywood
1923 Mary Pickford Hollywood
1923 ZaSu Pitts Hollywood
1923 Lila Lee Hollywood
1923 Jack Pickford Hollywood
1923 Jack Holt Hollywood
1923 Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood
1923 Leatrice Joy Hollywood
1923 Gloria Swanson Hollywood
1923 Viola Dana Hollywood
1923 Bess Flowers Hollywood
1923 Thomas Meighan Hollywood
1923 J. Warren Kerrigan Hollywood
1923 Ford Sterling Hollywood
1923 Bryant Washburn Hollywood
1923 May McAvoy Only 38
1923 Elliott Dexter Only 38
1923 Edward Everett Horton Ruggles of Red Gap
1923 Louise Dresser Ruggles of Red Gap
1923 Guy Oliver Ruggles of Red Gap
1923 Ernest Torrence Ruggles of Red Gap
1923 Guy Oliver To the Last Man
1923 Eugene Pallette To the Last Man
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. To the Last Man
1923 Richard Dix To the Last Man
1923 Ed Brady To the Last Man
1922 Jack Mulhall Broadway Light
1922 Adolphe Menjou Is Matrimony a Failure?
1922 Tully Marshall Is Matrimony a Failure?
1922 ZaSu Pitts Is Matrimony a Failure?
1922 Lucien Littlefield Manslaughter
1922 Raymond Hatton Manslaughter
1922 Leatrice Joy Manslaughter
1922 Thomas Meighan Manslaughter
1922 Guy Oliver Manslaughter
1922 Theodore Roberts Our Leading Citizen
1922 Guy Oliver Our Leading Citizen
1922 Thomas Meighan Our Leading Citizen
1922 Lucien Littlefield Our Leading Citizen
1922 Tully Marshall Without Compromise
1922 William Farnum Without Compromise
1922 Eugene Pallette Without Compromise
1922 Guy Oliver The World's Champion
1922 Wallace Reid The World's Champion
1921 Thomas Meighan City of Silent Men
1921 Guy Oliver City of Silent Men
1921 Lucien Littlefield Hell Diggers
1921 Wallace Reid Hell Diggers
1921 Conrad Nagel Lost Romance
1921 Jack Holt Lost Romance
1921 Milton Sills Miss Lulu Bett
1921 Theodore Roberts Miss Lulu Bett
1921 Conrad Nagel What Every Woman Knows
1921 Guy Oliver What Every Woman Knows
1920 Bryant Washburn Burglar-Proof
1920 Robert Warwick City of Masks
1920 Bryant Washburn Full House
1920 Bryant Washburn Love Insurance
1920 Jack Holt Midsummer Madness
1920 Conrad Nagel Midsummer Madness
1920 Lila Lee Midsummer Madness
1920 Robert Warwick Thou Art the Man
1920 Wallace Reid What's Your Hurry?
1919 Jack Richardson The End of the Game
1919 J. Warren Kerrigan The End of the Game
1919 Bryant Washburn It Pays to Advertise
1919 Bryant Washburn Why Smith Left Home
1918 Noah Beery, Sr. His Robe of Honor
1918 Eugene Pallette His Robe of Honor
1918 Henry B. Walthall His Robe of Honor
1918 Leatrice Joy One Dollar Bid
1918 J. Warren Kerrigan Prisoner of the Pines
1918 John Gilbert Three X Gordon
1918 Leatrice Joy Three X Gordon
1918 Eugene Pallette The Turn of a Card
1917 Rudolph Valentino Alimony
1917 Josephine Whittell Alimony
1917 J. Warren Kerrigan Man's Man
1917 Eugene Pallette Man's Man
1917 Wallace Reid Treason
1916 J. Warren Kerrigan Beckoning Trail
1916 Rupert Julian Dumb Girl of Portici
1916 Boris Karloff Dumb Girl of Portici
1916 Jack Holt Dumb Girl of Portici
1916 J. Warren Kerrigan Gay Lord Waring
1916 J. Warren Kerrigan Pool of Flame
1916 J. Warren Kerrigan Son of the Immortals
1915 J. Warren Kerrigan Langdon's Legacy
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