Locker 13 Synopsis
Archie teaches Skip the ropes of being a night janitor and tells four important stories.
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Locker 13

By dannydeltoro
I saw this @ The Laemmle Theater in North Hollywood for the first time 2 days ago! I was blown away at how great the film turned out! Sound and performance coupled with such artistic cinematography...

Fun seeing all these actors in this

By donovantoo177
I don't know why the critics bashed on this movie so much, it was fun seeing all these actors in one movie. I found it to be written well and kept me very interested throughout. Good stuff....

Good movie

By alucero89
Seen with my gf and it was unpredictable, really keep us engaged. Will recommend ??...


By emilyruth4god
Ignore the negativity, this movie is amazing!!! I was very impressed with the dialogue, this needs more views....

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Rated R | For Some Violence