Lizabeth Scott
Date of Birth
Sep 29, 1922
Birth Place:
Scranton, PA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1972 Lionel Stander Pulp
1972 Mickey Rooney Pulp
1972 Dennis Price Pulp
1972 Michael Caine Pulp
1972 Al Lettieri Pulp
1957 William Forrest Loving You
1957 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Loving You
1957 Wendell Corey Loving You
1957 Grace Hayle Loving You
1957 Elvis Presley Loving You
1957 James Gleason Loving You
1957 Dolores Hart Loving You
1957 Dick Ryan Loving You
1957 George Cole The Weapon
1957 Basil Dignam The Weapon
1957 Herbert Marshall The Weapon
1957 Laurence Naismith The Weapon
1957 Nicole Maurey The Weapon
1957 Steve Cochran The Weapon
1957 John Horsley The Weapon
1954 Ray Collins Bad for Each Other
1954 Charlton Heston Bad for Each Other
1954 Ann Robinson Bad for Each Other
1954 Rhys Williams Bad for Each Other
1954 Mildred Dunnock Bad for Each Other
1954 Robert Warwick Silver Lode
1954 Alan Hale, Jr. Silver Lode
1954 Stuart Whitman Silver Lode
1954 Harry Carey, Jr. Silver Lode
1954 Dan Duryea Silver Lode
1954 John Dierkes Silver Lode
1954 Al Hill Silver Lode
1954 Gene Roth Silver Lode
1954 Ralph Sanford Silver Lode
1954 John Payne Silver Lode
1953 Bing Crosby Scared Stiff
1953 Dorothy Malone Scared Stiff
1953 George Dolenz Scared Stiff
1953 Henry Brandon Scared Stiff
1953 Earl Holliman Scared Stiff
1953 Jerry Lewis Scared Stiff
1953 Dean Martin Scared Stiff
1953 Carmen Miranda Scared Stiff
1953 Shima Iwashita Scared Stiff
1952 Richard Wattis A Stolen Face
1952 Paul Henreid A Stolen Face
1952 Ben Williams A Stolen Face
1952 Andre Morell A Stolen Face
1952 John Wood A Stolen Face
1951 Ralph Peters The Racket
1951 Don Porter The Racket
1951 Don Beddoe The Racket
1951 Eddie Parker The Racket
1951 Joey Ray The Racket
1951 William Talman The Racket
1951 Harry Lauter The Racket
1951 Robert Mitchum The Racket
1951 Milburn Stone The Racket
1951 Max Wagner The Racket
1951 William Conrad The Racket
1951 Herb Vigran The Racket
1951 Ray Collins The Racket
1951 Les Tremayne The Racket
1951 Robert Ryan The Racket
1951 Mike Lally The Racket
1951 Neville Brand Red Mountain
1951 Jeff Corey Red Mountain
1951 Alan Ladd Red Mountain
1951 Iron Eyes Cody Red Mountain
1951 Bert Freed Red Mountain
1951 John Ireland Red Mountain
1951 Crane Whitley Red Mountain
1951 Dan White Red Mountain
1951 Arthur Kennedy Red Mountain
1951 Jay Silverheels Red Mountain
1951 Alexander Knox Two of a Kind
1951 Edmond O'Brien Two of a Kind
1951 Terry Moore Two of a Kind
1950 Jane Greer The Company She Keeps
1950 Jeff Bridges The Company She Keeps
1950 Bert Freed The Company She Keeps
1950 Dennis O'Keefe The Company She Keeps
1950 John Hoyt The Company She Keeps
1950 Don Beddoe The Company She Keeps
1950 Mike Mazurki Dark City
1950 Dean Jagger Dark City
1950 Viveca Lindfors Dark City
1950 Dewey Robinson Dark City
1950 Jack Webb Dark City
1950 Charlton Heston Dark City
1950 Greta Granstedt Dark City
1950 Ralph Peters Dark City
1950 Ed Begley, Sr. Dark City
1950 Don DeFore Dark City
1950 Gig Young Paid in Full
1950 Stanley Ridges Paid in Full
1950 Ray Collins Paid in Full
1950 Carol Channing Paid in Full
1950 Frank McHugh Paid in Full
1950 Robert Cummings Paid in Full
1950 John Bromfield Paid in Full
1950 Eve Arden Paid in Full
1950 Dewey Robinson Paid in Full
1950 Diana Lynn Paid in Full
1949 Gordon Jones Easy Living
1949 Victor Mature Easy Living
1949 Dick Ryan Easy Living
1949 Jeff Donnell Easy Living
1949 Don Beddoe Easy Living
1949 Jim Backus Easy Living
1949 Lucille Ball Easy Living
1949 Lloyd Nolan Easy Living
1949 Paul Stewart Easy Living
1949 Richard Erdman Easy Living
1949 Sonny Tufts Easy Living
1949 William "Bill" Phillips Easy Living
1949 Billy Halop Too Late for Tears
1949 Billy Wayne Too Late for Tears
1949 Arthur Kennedy Too Late for Tears
1949 Denver Pyle Too Late for Tears
1949 Dan Duryea Too Late for Tears
1949 Don DeFore Too Late for Tears
1948 Burt Lancaster I Walk Alone
1948 Dewey Robinson I Walk Alone
1948 Kirk Douglas I Walk Alone
1948 Marc Lawrence I Walk Alone
1948 Bert Moorhouse I Walk Alone
1948 Wendell Corey I Walk Alone
1948 Mike Mazurki I Walk Alone
1948 Raymond Burr Pitfall
1948 Gig Young Pitfall
1948 Jane Wyatt Pitfall
1948 John Litel Pitfall
1948 Ann Doran Pitfall
1948 Dick Powell Pitfall
1947 Marvin Miller Dead Reckoning
1947 Grady Sutton Dead Reckoning
1947 Ray Teal Dead Reckoning
1947 Charles Jordan Dead Reckoning
1947 Chuck Hamilton Dead Reckoning
1947 Wallace Ford Dead Reckoning
1947 William Forrest Dead Reckoning
1947 Morris Carnovsky Dead Reckoning
1947 Humphrey Bogart Dead Reckoning
1947 Isabel Withers Dead Reckoning
1947 Mary Astor Desert Fury
1947 John Hodiak Desert Fury
1947 James Flavin Desert Fury
1947 Ralph Peters Desert Fury
1947 Mike Lally Desert Fury
1947 Burt Lancaster Desert Fury
1947 Ray Teal Desert Fury
1947 William Harrigan Desert Fury
1947 Wendell Corey Desert Fury
1947 Pearl Bailey Variety Girl
1947 William Demarest Variety Girl
1947 Mona Freeman Variety Girl
1947 Sterling Hayden Variety Girl
1947 Paulette Goddard Variety Girl
1947 Gary Cooper Variety Girl
1947 Joan Caulfield Variety Girl
1947 MacDonald Carey Variety Girl
1947 Stanley Clements Variety Girl
1947 William Bendix Variety Girl
1947 Ann Doran Variety Girl
1947 Patricia Barry Variety Girl
1947 Bing Crosby Variety Girl
1947 Barry Fitzgerald Variety Girl
1947 Edgar Dearing Variety Girl
1947 Mitchell Leisen Variety Girl
1947 George Reeves Variety Girl
1947 Burt Lancaster Variety Girl
1947 Barbara Stanwyck Variety Girl
1947 Gail Russell Variety Girl
1947 Glenn Tryon Variety Girl
1947 Richard Webb Variety Girl
1947 Cecil B. DeMille Variety Girl
1947 Sonny Tufts Variety Girl
1947 Ray Milland Variety Girl
1947 Crane Whitley Variety Girl
1947 Lorin Raker Variety Girl
1947 Wanda Hendrix Variety Girl
1947 Dorothy Lamour Variety Girl
1947 Frank Faylen Variety Girl
1947 Billy De Wolfe Variety Girl
1947 Howard Da Silva Variety Girl
1947 Veronica Lake Variety Girl
1947 Diana Lynn Variety Girl
1947 Patric Knowles Variety Girl
1947 Cecil Kellaway Variety Girl
1947 Alan Ladd Variety Girl
1947 DeForest Kelley Variety Girl
1946 Barbara Stanwyck The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Bob Perry The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Max Wagner The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Blake Edwards The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Kirk Douglas The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 John Kellogg The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 James Flavin The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Judith Anderson The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Ann Doran The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Van Heflin The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Darryl Hickman The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1945 Frank Faylen You Came Along
1945 Kim Hunter You Came Along
1945 Don DeFore You Came Along
1945 Hugh Beaumont You Came Along
1945 Robert Cummings You Came Along
1945 Franklin Pangborn You Came Along
1945 Minor Watson You Came Along
1945 Will Wright You Came Along
1945 Crane Whitley You Came Along
1945 Ruth Roman You Came Along
1945 Rhys Williams You Came Along
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