Can't Believe it

By Oceanguy
Written December 07, 2008
I never thought I'd say this about an franchise film -- This film was great. Not Academy Award great, but very well done. Even if you're not a Die Hard fan, you will enjoy the film. OG
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Great Action Movie

By bigrod1980
Written July 23, 2007
This movie was great, a must go. Even better than "Die Hard With Avengence" John McClane is back at it kicking even more butt. Great summer flick
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Action Packed

By pawnpace
Written April 14, 2008
If you are a die hard movie fan then this is a must see movie.
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Not Just Another Die Hard Movie

By levonmine
Written August 01, 2007
I expected a usual Die Hard Movie with swearing and blood and guts but this movie had several plots in it. A story of a dad, a boy friend, a daughter it was not at all what I expected. It was non-stop action from start to finish. the stunts were amazing, there were funny parts, and serious parts, even political views. This was an all around good movie that was sensored enough to let young adults enjoy without the usual profanity. Good job a real must see.
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By YevP
Written June 29, 2007
This was a great movie. I didn't even realize that it ran for over 2 hours. The flow was fantastic, and there was no filler moments in the film, just flawless scene transitions and dialogue. Seeing Kevin Smith play a "Cyber Jedi" or whatever Justin Long's character calls him, was fantastic, it was a great, fun addition to the movies already witty dialogue and cast of characters. Timothy Olyphant does a great job looking menacing, his face is perfect for a villain, and of course Justin Long does a fantastic job of playing a computer whiz (who uses a PC by the way). Then there is Bruce Willis, who I have loved ever since his start making major motion pictures, yes I even liked Hudson Hawk. He does a great job in the movie, and really brings it home with his every-man attitude. His one-liners are always great and the action sequences he shoots are amazing, luckily none of them look too over the top (maybe except the tunnel scene). Over all, this was a fantastic movie and I recommend it!
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