Live Another Day Synopsis
Live Another Day is the inside, untold story of the U.S. auto bailout by the government, showing how the housing crisis and Lehman Brothers' collapse led directly to the auto industry's downfall and how these companies were really rescued.

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Live Another Day

By ekelcem
"Live Another Day" was such a pleasure to watch. It masterfully handles the big topic of the auto industry bail out, making the auto crisis and its complexities understandable to the uninitiated. The...

Are the workers really at fault?

By bniforth
This documentary seemed to make some good points about what caused the problems with the auto industry, but I feel it places most of the blame on the UAW and the employees. It seems to me that if...

Go See It!

By Deborajwilson
This is a great documentary that everyone who is interested in cars, business or politics should go see. It starts with a nostalgic, big-screen view of the impact of cars in American culture and...

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Rated PG | For for brief images of smoking and violence