Little White Lie Synopsis
What defines our identity, our family of origin or the family that raises us? How do we come to terms with the sins and mistakes of our parents? Director Lacey Schwartz discovers that answering those questions means understanding her parents’ own...
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Little White Lie

By deirdre552
Little White Lie represents the flawless telling of a difficult unraveling of a family secret, where you feel compassion and frustration for all characters. It really ropes you in and makes you feel...

Awesome film

By ira_gene
This film depicting the coming out of Lacey Schwartz as a black woman is artfully depicted, sensitive, without compromising the facts. The history, the family interviews, the interactions with her...


By Giraffe61381
This is a must see film! It's exploration of what it means to be a,person of color in our Society. How regardless of ones upbringing one is still defined by the color of ones skin. Bit it is a...

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Rated PG-13