Little Red Wagon....

By bbshell1
Written October 21, 2012
It was a heartwarming, feel good, must see family movie. It taught young & old how to have compassion on the less fortunate.
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Little Red Wagon

By dennis303
Written September 27, 2012
Little Red Wagon is based on the true story of 8 year old Zach Bonner's 2007 walk from his home near Tampa, Florida to his state capital at Tallahassee (approx. 280 miles) to raise awareness of the plight of homeless kids. Zach's interest in helping homeless kids and families began when he was just 7. He used his little red wagon to collect supplies for victims of Hurricane Charley. Zach became increasingly concerned about homeless kids and finding ways to help them. He founded The Little Red Wagon Foundation. As he continued his efforts he dealt with many obstacles and apathy. To get the attention of his state legislature and governor he decided to walk to the state capital. Initially Zach's mom was against it and his sister resented the attention Zach was receiving. It's very touching, inspiring, and at times humorous with excellent acting and cinematography. I recommend it for all teens through adults. I know the real Zach. He's very compassionate and still helps homeless kids.
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About Me

By Zachsredwagon
Written September 27, 2012
The movie is in part about my family and I so I am a bit partial, but it is a great movie. It has a really great cast and is full or drama, comedy and a few surprises. The true message it sends though is no matter who we are we can make change! My ultimate goal for this movie is to raise a lot of awareness to homeless youth and encourage and inspire people to follow their dreams and never let anyone stand in their way. Please go see it and let me know what you think! Zach Bonner *** @Zach_Bonner Twitter
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By gschrei983
Written October 07, 2012
Great movie, great cast! A must see!!
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