Little Fockers

By Becky Darby
Written December 23, 2010
The movie was awful!!!!! Should have been rated R insteadPG
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Written December 24, 2010
This movie is not suitable for young children or young adults. Any yoiung man or Father would not want to take a young women or daughter to this movie. Mostly cheap humor centered around sex. I saw one couple get up and leave with their young children.
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By rawvibes
Written December 29, 2010
Ten years later the Fockers are back again. Greg and Pam are having a birthday party for their twins, which means another reunion between the Byrnes and the Fockers. Greg is spread a little thin these days with the remodeling of their home, the twins new school and birthday party. Greg decides to get a part-time gig as a speaker for a new drug called Sustengo, an erectile dysfunction drug. Jack’s looking for a new leader to be the head of the Byrnes Family for the next generation. Watch and see the whole family meet up for the twins LITTLE FOCKERS birthday party. HATERS BEWARE. Meet the Parents (Franchise) has never been about a great script but about laughing hilariously and having a fun time. I had a laughing great time and you will too. Jack Byrnes [ex-CIA] (Robert De Niro) – Dina Byrnes (Blythe Danner) - Greg Focker [nurse] (Ben Stiller) - Pam Focker (Teri Polo) – Roz Focker [sex therapist] (Barbra Streisand) – Andi Gracia [Drug Rep] (Jessica Alba)
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By jodyjodyjody
Written December 28, 2010
Absolutely loved it! Laughed the entire time and am still chuckling!!
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Still funny

By Must_movie
Written December 29, 2010
I laughed a lot and really enjoyed it. Ben Stiller cracked me up. Owen Wilson wasn't as funny in this movie. Robert DeNiiro and Barbara Streisand were excellent, as usual. You could wait to see it on video but what the heck get out there and go see it on the big screen.
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