By movie_snob
Written January 17, 2007
That's what I said at the end of this movie. The plot is so carefully balanced and the acting is so effortless. The use of the narrator and even his tone of voice sets you up to realize there's a train wreck a-comin'. But you're compelled to watch it, as you get so drawn into the characters. I think the movie score plays an important role in establishing the tone of this movie. This is movie-making at its finest. Kate Winslett is wonderful.
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By the_screener
Written January 29, 2007
i had no expectations going in. therefore i was very surprised by how the movie was narrated and filmed. it was a very interesting movie from those aspects. the storyline does a great job of showing how everyday stress and annoyance can lead to strange bahavior and awful consequences. i was very impressed by the film's ability to capture the inner thoughts and emotions of everyday stereotypes (the jock, quiet housewife, bully, sex offender). i have never seen such an in depth portrayal of the mind of a sex offender and the battle they face with themself and the community.
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Little Children

By adale
Written January 16, 2007
This is a really creepy movie. Kate Winslet was the only attraction.
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As good as it gets!

By ahebrink
Written January 15, 2007
I read the book on which this movie is based over Winter Break. We drove an hour from our home to see the movie and it was worth it! I would have flown across the country for this film! I vote for BEST PICTURE! The main characters were so well done by their actors and the narration was a perfect touch! Very little of the heart of the story was missing in the movie! Awesome!
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Studious and Powerful

By ckcusa
Written August 29, 2009
Detached nature-documentary narration contrasts with intimate portrayal of variously-flawed characters mostly living ungraciously with their flaws. The resulting feeling is that humans cannot transcend their ugly animal nature. This movie begs our humanity as we root for the characters' redemption despite events which I will not reveal. This movie may traumatize you, but I think it will also challenge you to recognize your flaws and try to be a better person.
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