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Little Chenier

By langleytlc
Written January 21, 2008
The story line was excellent. Plot was intriiguing. Pumon was the strongest, best character. Beaux was also a strong character and spoke the Cajun dialect well, as did Pumon. As a native of south Louisiana, the scenes were well done. However, the non-Cajun actors struggled with the Cajun accent. We could tell the difference between the locals who spoke and the non-locals. Also as LA. natives, we appreciate the movie as it depicts our Cajun culture as it was and still is in some areas of south Louisiana.
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Little Chenier Movie Review

By JWDelano
Written January 25, 2008
This is the best movie about our way of life that I've ever seen.Most of Hollywood has thrown softball after softball of buffoonish insult Louisiana's way in it's depiction, or more accurately, stereotype of Louisiana and our Cajun people and culture. Finally, someone from our great state makes a movie that shows us for what we are. A simple people, with much complexity beneath the surface of our lives. The warmth and love of our communities as well as some of the problems that we face as a people. This was the best movie I've seen thus far this year and it will definitely take a lot to top it. This is an independent film that Louisianans will get behind. I'll do all I can to promote this film in the hope that others will see it and appreciate it for what it is, a great and accurate work. Une de nous autres, Joshua W. Delano *** [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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little chenier

By alv1000
Written February 02, 2008
This was a great movie filmed in my hometown. I would recommend this movie.
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Little Chenier....Very Authentic!!!!

By nevadadebbie
Written January 23, 2008
We saw Little Chenier in a Lake Charles (Louisiana) theater. The film was made in the swamps of Cameron parish. We have friends and family near. I was down that way within an hour of the end of the show. The movie was very authentic. The makers took every effort to see that every detail was covered. The plot was believable. The film was much better than the last big name film that I attended. The people of the region are some of the best that you will ever meet. They will open their home and hearts to all. Don't believe that everyone who you run into is bigotted and ignorant, like the Sheriff portrayed in ths film. After hurricane Rita I met the real sheriff, he cares very much for the people of Cameron Parish. This is one movie that I would like to see again. I will buy the video. It been two years since this movie was filmed. The region was all but destroyed shortly after the filming was completed. But, they are making a comeback in a few short years.
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Little Chenier

By laneysmom78
Written January 26, 2008
very good story. the accents were a little much at times but the story was great. it really showed the landscapes of louisiana very well.
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