Little Ashes will help Rob Pattinson's career

By isahawaii
Written March 29, 2009
Many people are wrong to assume that because young girls are madly screaming for Rob Pattinson that Twilight will be the one that will boost his long term career. Little Ashes will. He was breathtaking on this film. You can't take your eyes of him. Paul Morrison did a good job in directing Rob Pattinson. He deserves credit for any of Pattinson's future successes as an actor.
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By LeBlanc
Written September 17, 2008
I have been seeing pictures and ideas for this movie! I can't wait. Besides that it seems that Robert Pattinson and his acting can only get better and do no wrong! Everything seems great from the costuming to the acting and every prop in between!
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Must See this movie

By milleter
Written May 23, 2009
One of the most beautifully acted, directed movies I've ever seen. I was so afraid I would only love this movie because of Robert Pattinson, but that is not the case. He is amazing as Salvador Dali. Funny, tortured and madly in love with someone that he can not physically be with. Javier Beltran, wow, I felt his raw emotion, love, pain, fear...with every breath. For those who think Rob Pattinson will never be more than Edward Cullen-shame on you. You must see this movie, as well as How To will change your minds. In Little Ashes, I cried, laughed, ached with their suffering, along with everyone else watching. What a beautiful movie...I will see it again & again.
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By ivester27
Written April 13, 2009
I'd love for it to play anywhere in NC I'd drive to see it! I guess with it being an art film it isn't being played everywhere! A DVD would be greatly appreciated!
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Outstanding Performance

By DIxlu
Written May 18, 2009
It was an amazing performance by the entire cast. Rob Pattison hit it out of the park with his outradges perfomance of Dali. I found the movie very poetic and emmotional. You could not but feel sorry for Dali and Lorca's tormented souls. The movie was more about Lorca then Dali to my opinion. It gave you a vague image of what Dali really was and where he came from. Lorca's character in the other hand had a much deeper explanation. You would need much more then two hours to represent all Dali did in his life since he lived until 1989 and Lorca died very young at the age of 38. I think all in all the actors did an amazing job and the film was worth the half hour drive since it was not playing any where near my home. Rob you kicked it out of the park and got the essense of Dali in the two hours. Bravo! kid.
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