Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
Little Ashes is absorbing but not compelling. Most of its action is inward.
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The Hollywood Reporter

Ashes makes no claims to be an entirely accurate biopic; it's a speculative, impressionistic portrait without a lot of dramatic force or psychological depth. But it's an elegantly designed film that fascinates as often as it frustrates.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
The Spanish actress Marina Gatell is exotic and engaging as a young writer drawn to Lorca and puzzled why he is not drawn to her in return.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Walter Addiego
Director Paul Morrison ("Wondrous Oblivion") nicely re-creates the period, but puts too much weight on the sexual relationship as determining the men's artistic courses.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

By Stephen Cole
Anyone interested in hearing the artist's heart-to-hearts properly translated is encouraged to seek out Leonard Cohen's flamenco serenade, "Take This Waltz."
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Miami Herald

By Rene Rodriguez
Little Ashes succumbs to the dreaded Masterpiece Theater syndrome as a talky historical drama weighed down by self-importance.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
If you'd like to know about the famously eccentric psyche of surrealist artist Salvador Dali, whom Pattinson plays, you're better off consulting written biographies. Little Ashes does nothing to illuminate the iconic Spanish artist.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
I can't imagine what Dali or Buñuel would have made of such bourgeois sentimentality.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
The story and performances (save for Matthew McNulty’s angry Luis Buñuel) are paint-by-numbers, with social upheaval and sexual adventurism as dramatic as an after-dinner mint.
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
The problem is that both Philippa Goslett's script and Paul Morrison's direction lack the stylistic craziness - the sense of real, lunatic danger - a project like this desperately needs.
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