See the old version

By MongrolMan
Written August 07, 2008
Sorry Rick Moranis, but you can't cut it on this one. I LOVE the story, but it was accomplished fully in the older black and white version. See that one instead. Hilarious!
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LITTLE SHOP = Huge Entertainment!!

By lugubriousthespian
Written January 07, 2009
Frank Oz's wonderfully vivid screen adaptation of the very popular Off Broadway musical LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS which was inspired by the cult classic of the same name by legendary schlock-Meister Roger Corman is a zany blend of mirth and mayhem set to a glorious Motown beat. Set in Mushnik's Skid Row Florist Shop circa early 60's, the devilishly clever Faust-like story concerns a put-upon nerd, Seymour (a perfectly cast Rick Moranis) discovering that his bizarre, Venus Fly trap-looking plant can't resist a nice helping of human flesh & blood to grow and consequently propel the business and himself to a newly found acclaim and riches. This sets off a zinger of great songs and delightful guest star appearances in richly comic cameos including: John Candy, Christopher Guest, and the gloriously inspired teaming of Steve Martin as a sadistic dentist who works on masochistic patient Bill Murray! If that weren't enough Ellen Greene reprises her stage role as Audrey and Levi Stubbs sings!
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