By xxkarmaxx
Written February 24, 2017
It was pretty funny. I enjoyed it. Laughed a lot.
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By mackenziemackenzie19
Written July 14, 2013
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Little Miss Sunshine

By thatssneaky
Written April 09, 2008
I loved this movie! I bought it when it came on dvd. I love the ending even though if i could, I'd change it. This is a good movie for psychologist majors too. This movie starts as a dysfunctional family an then improves themselves. It starts off kind of slow so you have to wait for the climax to really hit. Awesome movie!!!
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Little miss sunshine

By Mr.Le-bow-ski
Written July 14, 2008
This movie had a lot of funny parts. In the beginning I thought it was gonna be really depressing but, once it got farther in it was really funny. I wish the grandpa hadn't died and the ***of a father did. All the acting was Great. My grade for this is an A+.
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By Cool Movie Guy
Written July 02, 2008
very sad in some parts but it was ok... The ending was priceless
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