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Genius grad students invent a mind-reading device that destroys their lives and threatens the future of free will.
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Movie Reviews

By earnie245
Plodding. Boring. Formulaic. Simplistic. Sophomoric in both story and style. Garish visual color schemes to try and be artsy. Grating musical score, which was at its worse during the opening credits....


By underabigbluewave
Sometimes the best idea needs the most creative process. Unfortunately as cool as the premise was, it started off extremely slow until the middle. After that it improved somewhat....


By farfigquass

Character Driven Sci-Fi

By thx1199
Great techno-thriller with characters that are actually interesting, and awesome cinematography....

bad bad bad bad bad bad

By dannypants
Terrible acting, terrible dialogue, dumb story. I had low expectations going into this and they were fully realized. What a giant piece of doody! Stay away! Bad, bad BAD! I don't understand how...


By JFields13
Good indie sci-fi flick....