Lisa Marie
Birth Place:
New Jersey

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 John Savage Tales of Halloween
2015 John Landis Tales of Halloween
2015 James Duval Tales of Halloween
2015 Adrienne Barbeau Tales of Halloween
2015 Barry Bostwick Tales of Halloween
2015 Joe Dante Tales of Halloween
2012 Maria Conchita Alonso The Lords of Salem
2012 Bruce Davison The Lords of Salem
2012 Clint Howard The Lords of Salem
2012 Dee Wallace The Lords of Salem
2012 Udo Kier The Lords of Salem
2012 Malcolm McDowell Silent Night
2012 Donal Logue Silent Night
2008 Eric Roberts The Beatnicks
2008 Élodie Bouchez The Beatnicks
2001 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Planet of the Apes
2001 Helena Bonham Carter Planet of the Apes
2001 David Warner Planet of the Apes
2001 Tim Roth Planet of the Apes
2001 Paul Giamatti Planet of the Apes
2001 Kris Kristofferson Planet of the Apes
2001 Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes
2001 Michael Clarke Duncan Planet of the Apes
2001 Mark Wahlberg Planet of the Apes
1999 Michael Gambon Sleepy Hollow
1999 Michael Gough Sleepy Hollow
1999 Johnny Depp Sleepy Hollow
1999 Richard Griffiths Sleepy Hollow
1999 Jeffrey Jones Sleepy Hollow
1999 Miranda Richardson Sleepy Hollow
1999 Christopher Walken Sleepy Hollow
1999 Ian McDiarmid Sleepy Hollow
1999 Christina Ricci Sleepy Hollow
1999 Christopher Lee Sleepy Hollow
1999 Jake Busey Tail Lights Fade
1998 John Leguizamo Frogs For Snakes
1998 Ron Perlman Frogs For Snakes
1998 Clarence Williams III Frogs For Snakes
1998 Robbie Coltrane Frogs For Snakes
1998 Harry Hamlin Frogs For Snakes
1998 Ian Hart Frogs For Snakes
1998 Barbara Hershey Frogs For Snakes
1996 Pam Grier Mars Attacks!
1996 Natalie Portman Mars Attacks!
1996 Michael J. Fox Mars Attacks!
1996 Lukas Haas Mars Attacks!
1996 Danny DeVito Mars Attacks!
1996 Barbet Schroeder Mars Attacks!
1996 Jerzy Skolimowski Mars Attacks!
1996 Jack Nicholson Mars Attacks!
1996 Jack Black Mars Attacks!
1996 Jim Brown Mars Attacks!
1996 Sylvia Sidney Mars Attacks!
1996 Sarah Jessica Parker Mars Attacks!
1996 Martin Short Mars Attacks!
1996 Paul Winfield Mars Attacks!
1996 Rod Steiger Mars Attacks!
1996 Christina Applegate Mars Attacks!
1996 Joe Don Baker Mars Attacks!
1996 Annette Bening Mars Attacks!
1996 Glenn Close Mars Attacks!
1996 Pierce Brosnan Mars Attacks!
1994 Martin Landau Ed Wood
1994 Sarah Jessica Parker Ed Wood
1994 Melora Walters Ed Wood
1994 Jeffrey Jones Ed Wood
1994 Johnny Depp Ed Wood
1994 Bill Murray Ed Wood
1994 Vincent D'Onofrio Ed Wood
1994 Patricia Arquette Ed Wood
1990 Caroline Aaron Alice
1990 Mia Farrow Alice
1990 Judy Davis Alice
1990 Alec Baldwin Alice
1990 Julie Kavner Alice
1990 James Toback Alice
1990 Juliet Taylor Alice
1990 William Hurt Alice
1990 Judith Ivey Alice
1990 Blythe Danner Alice
1990 Cybill Shepherd Alice
1990 Holland Taylor Alice
1990 Bob Balaban Alice
1990 David Spielberg Alice
1990 Gwen Verdon Alice
1990 Patrick O'Neal Alice
1990 Bernadette Peters Alice
1990 Keye Luke Alice
1990 Joe Mantegna Alice
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