Excellent story and music/great action/good acting

By JeromeLukas
Written October 25, 2007
This movie actually startled me by slapping me in the face with 3 visualizations from 4 different perspectives: -political -media -military -education; with all the action and stories woven expertly into a rope that lets you escape the mundane world about the war onto a much higher moral plain. I NEVER expected such a good movie from Redford. It was balanced and fair (and brutally honest) in all areas and left you hanging in space contemplating the horrific choices that have left us all wondering about our future since the crushing blow of 9-11. I believe this could end up being Best Picture of the Year - it is so powerful and dramatic!! Tom Cruise plays his best role yet and all the other characters are realistic and compelling in their world views. Definitely a must see movie!
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If you have ever wondered just how bad a movie could be...

By Jaycee5
Written November 10, 2007
I am sure that this movie will be nominated (if not win) an Academy Award. It is preachy, condemning, bashes America and lacks any substance. Exactly the type of movie that Hollywood adores. The simple minded will use buzz phrases like “thought provoking” and “must see”. This movie is neither. It is simply bad. Very, very bad. It seemed that intended purpose of the story was to push a political agenda, not to make a good movie. I am old enough to remember when movies were entertainment. What happened?
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By BJ1231
Written November 06, 2007
Again according to hollywood 911 was all United States fault or worse self inflicted. Like we don't hear enough anti-patriotic propaganda now a movie to remind us how bad and wrong Americans are. Don't waste your time and money on Anti-American movies so the extreme lieberals like Tom Cruise and Robert Redford can get richer. They are entitle to their opinion, but here they are trying to impose it to everybody else. I will not forget.
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Don't waste your money! Just more anit-American. left-wing propaganda!

By RH1
Written November 06, 2007
This is a terrible movie...boring, too much "talk" using too many words without saying anything new. Cruise is disappointing. Worse, however, "Lions and Lambs" is the next in line of the ultra-liberal, left-wing, anti-war, anti-American propaganda films which repeatedly use the "Blame America First -- It's All America's Fault" sub-theme. This is truly disgusting and not worthy of any reasonable consideration since it is so blatantly political and far left. Redford has a long, well established history of liberal views, so what would you expect? The result is a very disappointing movie, predictably political, boring, and anti-war. It will quickly go the way of the other anit-war, anti-America movies (e.g., "Rendition") and go into the "tank" very quickly! It's not worthy or your time or money.
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Movie Has Nothing to Say

By reviewer84
Written November 09, 2007
Caught a preview tonight and thought the movie was absolutely AWFUL. Most of the movie is devoted to conversational dialogue that I guess was attempting to show insight into the workings of politics, government and media. It failed. Nothing could have been more contrived and more inaccurate. There was no sense of depth and thought. There are only three minor characters that you care about in the movie at all and their story (which is the only story that is shown rather than told) is cut short and bogged down by the cliches and dialogue of everyone else, which includes the leading stars of this movie. In short, not entertaining, not smart or thought-provoking and an unsatisfying experience. A complete waste of time and money.
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