Lions for Lambs Synopsis
The fate of two young soldiers ties together separate stories in California and Washington, D.C.
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Excellent story and music/great action/good acting

By JeromeLukas
This movie actually startled me by slapping me in the face with 3 visualizations from 4 different perspectives: -political -media -military -education; with all the action and stories woven expertly...

If you have ever wondered just how bad a movie could be...

By Jaycee5
I am sure that this movie will be nominated (if not win) an Academy Award. It is preachy, condemning, bashes America and lacks any substance. Exactly the type of movie that Hollywood adores. The...


By BJ1231
Again according to hollywood 911 was all United States fault or worse self inflicted. Like we don't hear enough anti-patriotic propaganda now a movie to remind us how bad and wrong Americans are....

Movie Has Nothing to Say

By reviewer84
Caught a preview tonight and thought the movie was absolutely AWFUL. Most of the movie is devoted to conversational dialogue that I guess was attempting to show insight into the workings of politics,...

Don't waste your money! Just more anit-American. left-wing propaganda!

By RH1
This is a terrible movie...boring, too much "talk" using too many words without saying anything new. Cruise is disappointing. Worse, however, "Lions and Lambs" is the next in line of the...

Don't bother with this Anti-American movie

By cannonballs
I wouldn't even bother to go see this movie....just another one of the latest string of movies bashing America and the soldiers who are fighting and dying for us. The Liberal Media Establishment...

i am sick of these anti-war movies

By bigmoviemike
in the valley of elah tanked, rendition tanked also, and both of those movies had academy award winning actors, now this piece of trash, don't waste your hard earned money and time on this garbage....

Great movie

By moo-v-fan
This movie is well balanced and presents the hard choices we face in this post 9-11 world. Great job by very talented actors, director and screenwriter. Clearly one of the best and most important...

Lions for Lambs

By eviemo
I would have thought with Tom Cruise's star power (which I think his star has hit the ground), his first big development would have more meat in it. Just another regular movie to influence how people...

I love being LIBERAL

By SSsusie
I just love a movie where I can wallow in my own liberalness...I am sooo left-leaning, I can see Joseph Stalin's butthole. I like Robert Redford in this movie because even though we know he is a...

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Rated R | For some war violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Intense war thriller offers food for thought.
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