In the last remaining waterhole of Botswana's arid Kalahari Desert, territorial conflict abounds as a powerful lion king attempts to defend his territory against a vicious nomadic lion determined to claim the throne for himself. The Kalahari is a land where water is scarce, and every animal in the region has become locked into a life or death struggle against the harsh and unforgiving elements. Though the current king of the desert presides over the hole with his two lionesses and a litter of cubs close by, the time may have finally come for the tides to turn in favor of a younger, more powerful adversary. Renowned nature filmmaker Tim Liversedge offers a breathtaking trip into the heart of the African wilderness in an IMAX 3-D experience that brings viewers as close to nature's most majestic predator while telling a compelling tale of survival in the savannah. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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