Linda Gray

Worked With

Year Name Title
1958 Marianne Stone The Inbetween Age
1958 Lee Patterson The Inbetween Age
1952 Kathleen Harrison The Pickwick Papers
1952 Joyce Grenfell The Pickwick Papers
1952 Hermione Gingold The Pickwick Papers
1952 Gibb McLaughlin The Pickwick Papers
1952 Hattie Jacques The Pickwick Papers
1952 James Hayter The Pickwick Papers
1952 James Donald The Pickwick Papers
1952 Noel Purcell The Pickwick Papers
1952 Nigel Patrick The Pickwick Papers
1952 Donald Wolfit The Pickwick Papers
1952 Hermione Baddeley The Pickwick Papers
1952 Max Adrian The Pickwick Papers
1952 George Rose The Pickwick Papers
1951 Michael Pertwee The Night Was Our Friend
1951 Michael Gough The Night Was Our Friend
1951 Edward Lexy The Night Was Our Friend
1951 John Salew The Night Was Our Friend
1948 Sam Kydd Love in Waiting
1948 Eliot Makeham Love in Waiting
1948 Johnnie Schofield Love in Waiting
1948 David Tomlinson Love in Waiting
1938 James Dunn Shadows over Shanghai
1938 Billy Bevan Shadows over Shanghai
1938 Ralph Morgan Shadows over Shanghai
1938 Richard Loo Shadows over Shanghai
1937 Franklin Pangborn Stage Door
1937 Gail Patrick Stage Door
1937 Adolphe Menjou Stage Door
1937 Katharine Hepburn Stage Door
1937 Al Hill Stage Door
1937 Philip Morris Stage Door
1937 Larry Steers Stage Door
1937 Ginger Rogers Stage Door
1937 Bob Perry Stage Door
1937 Ann Miller Stage Door
1937 Josephine Whittell Stage Door
1937 Grady Sutton Stage Door
1937 Eve Arden Stage Door
1937 Frances Gifford Stage Door
1937 Jack Carson Stage Door
1937 Lucille Ball Stage Door
1937 Huntly Gordon Stage Door
1937 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Stage Door
1937 Andrea Leeds Stage Door
1937 Anne Shirley Stella Dallas
1937 Al Shean Stella Dallas
1937 Barbara Stanwyck Stella Dallas
1937 John Boles Stella Dallas
1937 Laraine Day Stella Dallas
1937 Marjorie Main Stella Dallas
1937 Ann Doran Stella Dallas
1937 Etta McDaniel Stella Dallas
1937 Alan Hale Stella Dallas
1937 Tim Holt Stella Dallas
1937 Dorothy Vaughan Stella Dallas
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