Linda Fiorentino
Date of Birth
Mar 09, 1960
Birth Place:
Philadelphia, PA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2008 Chazz Palminteri Once More With Feeling
2002 Wesley Snipes Liberty Stands Still
2002 Hart Bochner Liberty Stands Still
2002 Oliver Platt Liberty Stands Still
2000 John Goodman What Planet Are You From?
2000 Annette Bening What Planet Are You From?
2000 Ben Kingsley What Planet Are You From?
2000 Richard Jenkins What Planet Are You From?
2000 Caroline Aaron What Planet Are You From?
2000 Garry Shandling What Planet Are You From?
2000 Janeane Garofalo What Planet Are You From?
2000 Greg Kinnear What Planet Are You From?
2000 Dermot Mulroney Where the Money Is
2000 Paul Newman Where the Money Is
1999 Salma Hayek Dogma
1999 Janeane Garofalo Dogma
1999 Chris Rock Dogma
1999 Bud Cort Dogma
1999 Kevin Smith Dogma
1999 Jason Lee Dogma
1999 Matt Damon Dogma
1999 Alan Rickman Dogma
1999 George Carlin Dogma
1999 Ben Affleck Dogma
1999 Kevin Spacey Ordinary Decent Criminal
1999 Peter Mullan Ordinary Decent Criminal
1999 Colin Farrell Ordinary Decent Criminal
1999 Stephen Dillane Ordinary Decent Criminal
1998 David Caruso Body Count
1998 John Leguizamo Body Count
1998 Ving Rhames Body Count
1998 Forest Whitaker Body Count
1997 James Woods Kicked in the Head
1997 Michael Rapaport Kicked in the Head
1997 Burt Young Kicked in the Head
1997 Lili Taylor Kicked in the Head
1997 Will Smith Men in Black
1997 Tony Shalhoub Men in Black
1997 Tommy Lee Jones Men in Black
1997 Vincent D'Onofrio Men in Black
1997 Rip Torn Men in Black
1996 Keith David Larger Than Life
1996 Harve Presnell Larger Than Life
1996 Pat Hingle Larger Than Life
1996 Matthew McConaughey Larger Than Life
1996 Tracey Walter Larger Than Life
1996 Bill Murray Larger Than Life
1996 Janeane Garofalo Larger Than Life
1996 Kim Cattrall Unforgettable
1996 Peter Coyote Unforgettable
1996 Christopher McDonald Unforgettable
1996 David Paymer Unforgettable
1996 Ray Liotta Unforgettable
1995 Richard Crenna Jade
1995 Kevin Tighe Jade
1995 Chazz Palminteri Jade
1995 David Caruso Jade
1995 Michael Biehn Jade
1994 Cheech Marin Charlie's Ghost Story
1994 Anthony Edwards Charlie's Ghost Story
1994 Frank Whaley The Desperate Trail
1994 Sam Elliott The Desperate Trail
1994 Peter Berg The Last Seduction
1994 J.T. Walsh The Last Seduction
1994 Bill Pullman The Last Seduction
1993 Zelda Rubinstein Acting on Impulse
1993 Mary Woronov Acting on Impulse
1993 Isaac Hayes Acting on Impulse
1993 Paul Bartel Acting on Impulse
1993 Nancy Allen Acting on Impulse
1992 Rip Torn Beyond the Law
1992 Michael Madsen Beyond the Law
1992 Courtney B. Vance Beyond the Law
1992 Charlie Sheen Beyond the Law
1992 Seymour Cassel Chain of Desire
1992 Malcolm McDowell Chain of Desire
1992 Elias Koteas Chain of Desire
1991 Terry Kinney Queens Logic
1991 Helen Hunt Queens Logic
1991 Joe Mantegna Queens Logic
1991 Tom Waits Queens Logic
1991 Chloe Webb Queens Logic
1991 Jenny Wright Queens Logic
1991 John Malkovich Queens Logic
1991 Jamie Lee Curtis Queens Logic
1991 Kevin Bacon Queens Logic
1991 Todd Field Queens Logic
1991 Gwyneth Paltrow Shout
1991 John Travolta Shout
1991 Heather Graham Shout
1991 Richard Jordan Shout
1991 Timothy Hutton Strangers
1991 Joan Chen Strangers
1989 Gary Busey The Neon Empire
1989 Julie Carmen The Neon Empire
1989 Harry Guardino The Neon Empire
1989 Ray Sharkey The Neon Empire
1989 Dylan McDermott The Neon Empire
1989 Martin Landau The Neon Empire
1988 Kevin J. O'Connor The Moderns
1988 Wallace Shawn The Moderns
1988 Keith Carradine The Moderns
1988 Geneviève Bujold The Moderns
1988 Geraldine Chaplin The Moderns
1988 John Lone The Moderns
1988 James Woods Wildfire
1988 Will Patton Wildfire
1985 Bronson Pinchot After Hours
1985 John Heard After Hours
1985 Catherine O'Hara After Hours
1985 Will Patton After Hours
1985 Dick Miller After Hours
1985 Martin Scorsese After Hours
1985 Tommy Chong After Hours
1985 Teri Garr After Hours
1985 Griffin Dunne After Hours
1985 Cheech Marin After Hours
1985 Rosanna Arquette After Hours
1985 Alex Rocco Gotcha!
1985 Anthony Edwards Gotcha!
1985 Madonna Vision Quest
1985 Ronny Cox Vision Quest
1985 Forest Whitaker Vision Quest
1985 Matthew Modine Vision Quest
1985 Raphael Sbarge Vision Quest
1985 Roberts Blossom Vision Quest
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